2012: The End of the World

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Friday the 13th, opening day of 2012 the movie. Me and my girlfriend watched together with our friends and ex-co-workers (I suggested it instead of New Moon). As you may have guessed already, it is about the end of the world. And I am sure some (yep, some) of you thought that it is related to the Mayan calendar cycle that was discovered to end on December 21, 2012 or 12-21-12 in the Gregorian Calendar system.

Let me tell you now, it is not related at all… find out why.

At first, thanks to the movie trailers they released, the movie appeared to be related to the Mayan Calendar discovery. One would think that this movie is a fictionalized vision of the different theories surrounding 12-21-12. I hope it was like that…

The movie started in 2009, our present time period wherein scientists in India found a disturbing anomaly or phenomenon (depending on how you look at it). Our star, Sol, fired its first solar flare for its 24th Solar Cycle. This solar flare have elements that do not normally affect anything on Planet Earth, but this one did and it started a chain reaction in Earth’s core that made it heat up faster.

A boiling Earth’s core will weaken the Earth’s crust (where we are standing) and all the heat will be looking for openings – this results into eruptions (new and old volcanoes). The year following that, the US President (obviously President Barrack Hussein Obama) announced to the G8 members about the discovery and that it was confirmed by other Scientists around the world.

The following year a project was started, which I call the “Noah’s Arks Project” and China was chosen to build the arks and keep it hidden from the public. Why China? The government is a Totalitarian government, it is far easier to get manpower and keep a huge project hidden, than a democratic country like the United States of America or a regional grouping like the European Union. (And later it was revealed that a section of the US Government were involved in silencing people who can not keep their mouths shut.)

2012: The movie finally started. Yes, all of the earlier scenes were just an introduction. :p

Why it is not related to the Mayan Calendar of 12-21-12? The “end of the world” in the movie started too early, as the lead Scientist Adrian Helmsley said (played by actor Chiwetel Ejiofor). The end of the world in the movie, occured during the summer season in the USA.

They simply used the year “2012” because it is the popular date today. There were no galactic alignments, no planetary alignments, no Planet X, no sister star, no sister black hole, no alien invasion, no galactic microwaves or x-rays or gamma radiations, no nothing.

But regardless, the movie was well made. I was impressed with the detail of their computer generated and special effects and the way they presented it. Here we are flying together with a family trying to survive the destruction of the world, we see the world below where there were still living people trying to hold on with their dear lives while the land they are standing on is slowly sinking to the sea in a 45 degrees angle.

They perfectly showed how bridges collapsed during strong earthquakes. They showed skyscrapers collapsing and some creating a domino effect. They even showed closely how people in their offices were suddenly scared when their tall building started to crumble down, or tilting to hit other buildings, and seeing the people falling to their doom. It was simply amazing (the effects not the people getting killed).

If you are going to watch it because you are familiar with the 2012 end of the world theories and speculations, then you will be disappointed. As I have said earlier, this movie has nothing to do with what is revolving around the year 2012. This movie is about answering the question: “What will happen to Planet Earth millions or billions of years in the future?” Instead of imagining that day where we’ll have to think out-of-the-box of the kind of technology and society we will have, the producer set it up to happen in 2012. The Earth’s core boiled and everything went crazy from there.

Watch it not from the 2012 perspective (if you are familiar with the theories and speculations about 2012) but rather from the perspective of exploring one scenario, one theory, of how our only planet may end.

I recommend this movie for entertainment purposes only and not as an introduction or supplement to the real 2012 theories and speculations, like those that you can watch in History Channel Asia and National Geographic Channel Asia. (And don’t be scared, there’s nothing to be scared about, I wasn’t! I enjoyed the movie 😉 )

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