Where is Superman in the new Justice League Movie?

The official trailer for DC‘s Justice League has come out and it only features five (5) members. The obvious question is, where is Superman? Remember he died in Batman vs. Superman? But let me tell you that he is in the Justice League.

Justice League Official Trailer

First, if you have not watched the trailer, watch it first.

SPOILER: Superman Clues

There are two clues that Superman is in Justice League. The first is this scene in the trailer.

Based on the scenes from Batman vs. Superman, Justice League might be heading straight to the future Bruce kept on seeing where Superman has turned evil. In one scene, Flash traveled back in time and told Bruce, It’s Lois Lane! She’s the Key! Could it be that Lois Lane must survive at all cost to keep Superman sane, otherwise, he will rule the Earth with an iron-hand?

The second clue is the official promotional website of Justice League shows 6 logo slots. It only took me less than a minute to find out who the 6th member is… Superman.

Hidden Assets

It is up to the first five members to prevent that dark future.

Justice League will premier on November 2017 in your favourite cinemas worldwide.

    Where is Superman in the new Justice League Movie?
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    Where is Superman in the new Justice League Movie?
    Is Superman in the new Justice League film? What is the possible plot? Who is the 6th member of Justice League?

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