An Appeal to “Normal” People

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It’s hard to live in a world run by normal people. Putting it another way, managed by perfect people.

They expect something from you, how you should act, how you should think, how you should make decisions, how to live life. Expectations based from their own “normal”/”perfect” lives.

A documentary I watched a few weeks ago was entitled “Only Human” and yes that is true, we are humans too. Yes we have a different thought process; yes, we have a different way of expressing ourselves; different needs, that you [normal/perfect] people find offending, harsh, cold, lacking empathy, rude, weird, whatever. But it does not mean we are less than human.

You have to understand us and you have to make us understand. You have to listen to us and you have to explain things to us.

Light It Up Blue

Are we not trying? Maybe you do not see it because we like to keep to ourselves, we keep our thoughts private, and our faces are always blank. But you do not know how hard it is for us to live by your standards. You absolutely have no idea how draining and stressful it is for us to be who we are not so that we can live a normal life. As normal as your society defines it.

Sometimes some of us think it is better to wither and die, when that concept is usually not part of our being, of who we are.

Every day we fight to live. Every day we fight to survive. Every day we fight a battle to be positive, to be optimistic. But we are not superhuman. We also experience downs in our lives, you usually just do not see it.

Every single day we do our best to understand you, your world. Do we have a choice not to? You dominate this world and so we must study your world. We are not making excuses because we are different. We are only asking that you listen and understand that not all seven (7) billion people in the world are like you.

We do our best everyday. Some of us likes to watch people. You know, “people-watching”. I know because I do that a lot. What is your world like? How do you think? Why is your society so demanding and dictates a lot?

Please, stop forcing us to be like you, that is what we are already doing, do not add to it, do not reinforce it. We will never be like you. So please, I beg of you, listen and understand us because that is what we have done, that is what we have been taught all of our lives – to listen and understand your world. Can’t you do the same for us? Is that so hard for you?

Am I still welcome to live in your “normal“/”perfect” world? Or is it time to wither and die?

Photo source: Light It Up Blue by Jacki Gallagher is licensed CC By-NC 2.0.

An Appeal to "Normal" People
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An Appeal to "Normal" People
An appeal to "normal" people from an Aspie (Asperger Syndrome) / someone in the Autism Spectrum.

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