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If you need a place to stay in Baler, Aurora, Philippines, Baler Sunrise Transient is your best choice. It is not only very affordable but it is at a perfect location. Located not too far from the Town proper, about 5 minutes walk (where you can buy souvenirs, tour First Lady Aurora Quezon’s ancestral home, and others), and a minute or two away from Sabang Beach, the Philippines’ surfing capital.

The aircon is very cold so don’t forget to set the temperature to your liking. Or you can use the stand fan if you prefer to open the windows and let the fresh cool air in. They have electrical outlets, four in our room, good for your electronic gadgets, trust us, your powerbank is not enough when in Baler.

If you will visit Baler with an automobile of your own, Baler Sunrise Transient have a spacious parking. If you’re a huge family, they have a lot of rooms for 4 people or 6 people. You also don’t have to worry about security as they have people guarding round the clock.

This is your home away from your urban home. A place to relax, breath clean fresh air, and appreciate nature. Thus, we like how there was no TV set as it will only become a distraction. We are here to take a break, to have a vacation, to disconnect from our routinary life.

The shower is cool, not cold, we would describe it as “lukecool”. In a hot summer day, it is very refreshing indeed, especially if you toured Baler and neighboring towns for the unforgettable sights and natural wonders. Bring your own towels, soap, and the usual since you’re definitely going to the beach (we highly recommend walking down the beach as far north and south as you can, you’ll love it).

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Baler Sunrise Transient is simply perfect for our need and purpose at a very affordable price. So, if you are a backpacker like us, or again even as a large family, definitely pick Baler Sunrise Transient you won’t regret it. It felt like we have our own home in Baler, Aurora, Philippines.

You can contact them via their Facebook page here. You can book rooms via Airbnb.

    Travelog: Baler Sunrise Transient
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    Travelog: Baler Sunrise Transient
    Need a place to stay in Baler, Aurora, Philippines? Baler Sunrise Transient is your best choice. Very affordable and in a perfect location!

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