Brunei National Flower – Simpor

The National Flower of Brunei – the Simpor. There are two species representing the Brunei National Flower, first is the Dillenia beccariana which is depicted on the front side of Brunei one-dollar note, while the second is Dillenia suffruticosa.

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Botanical Name
Dillenia beccariana
Common Names
River Simpor

The Dillenia beccariana or River Simpor (Common Name), is a species of a small tree fairly common along the rivers of Brunei, especially the Temburong River. It is commonly used for treatment of wounds.

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Botanical Name
Dillenia suffruticosa
Common Names
Shrubby Simpoh
Shrubby Simpohlenia
Shrubby Dillenia
Common Names
Simpor Bini
Simpoh Ayir
Common Names
San Yawa

The Dillenia suffruticosa or Shrubby Simpoh (Common Name) is another Simpor species that is widespread in Brunei and can grow in various habitats. It is a species that can be seen in the white sands of Brunei where it serves as the colonizer of the sands other species can not live. By germinating the sands and being able to reach deep down for the underground water, other plant species can in-turn, live under the shades of Shrubby Simpoh. In due time, the white sands will become a new rainforest.

The Shrubby Simpoh is also used as treatment for wounds, it helps greatly in stopping bleeding, making it very important for the society. It is also used in Bruneian art known as “Ayer Muleh”, an artistic design for decoration of handicrafts. Additionally, its large leaves are also used as food wrappers and platters.

To the Bruneians, “the unique blossoming of the flower and the green color of its leaves symbolizes the development” of the country’s “economy investment (from fruit) towards better economic growth (to flower).” (Dr.s Idris M. Said, Forestry Department – Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources)

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Brunei National Flower - Simpor
Article Name
Brunei National Flower - Simpor
The National Flower of Brunei - the Simpor. "Dillenia beccariana" or "River Simpor", and "Dillenia suffruticosa" or "Shrubby Simpoh".

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