Criminal or Not Criminal?


A few days ago, on the 5th of November of the current year of our Lord, a 23-year old young adult stole a half-loaf of bread from a convenient store in a certain municipality in the capital region. He ran and ran against the heavy downpour of rain. Then he made a wrong turn. Dead end.

When he was arrested, he said and shouted to everyone who can hear him that the bread was not for him but for his little sister, only 6 years old, starving and was at that time alone in some box, wet and cold from the rains. But the authorities still placed him behind bars. All the while an advertisement against piracy was playing over the radio, “stealing is a crime”.

After he served his 24-hour punishment, he was freed. He earnestly hoped and prayed that his poor little sister was still where he left her, and still breathing. He realized then, he still need to bring food so she can eat.

He started to beg for food, not money. But no soul was willing to help him. Desperate, he again stole a half-loaf of bread from a convenient store, a different one this time. He ran and ran and ran, until he was sure no one was after him. He embraced the half-loaf of bread, cried, and thank the heavens for what little he can give to his little sister.

On his way back to where he left his sister, two men-in-black approached him. A tall, white man said, “Kid, did you know that stealing is a crime?”

The boy replied, shaking, “Yes, sir. But…”

“And that makes you a criminal, are you not?”, the other man interrupted.

“Yes, sir, I am. But…”


The following day, the people were rejoicing because there was one less criminal in the world. Unbeknownst to them, a 6-year old little girl was still inside her box she calls home, waiting for his kuya so they can eat together and live another day.

Very Important Notices

The above is a work of fiction. No such incident occured in the past, that I know or heard of, and hopefully, it will not become a reality.

Take it however you want to. But let us be clear here that any names or conclusions you make is your own, not this website nor its author.

If you are going to leave comments below, this website reserves the right to moderate the thread. Any vulgar and nonsense comments will be deleted. In addition, your comments are automatically licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International, unless you specify otherwise.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons by Jim Kuhn licensed under CC BY 2.0 Generic.

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    Criminal or Not Criminal?
    Article Name
    Criminal or Not Criminal?
    A short-story about big brother stealing food for his little sister… caught… imprisoned… and terminated. Stealing is a crime. Criminals must die.

    CC BY-SA 4.0 Criminal or Not Criminal? by ᜌᜓᜃᜒ (Yuki|雪亮) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at Legal Notice.

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