CSI: Cyber S01E11 FPS ranking

CSI: Cyber Game Ranking

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CSI: Cyber is the latest series in the CSI franchise, which revolves around crimes committed with use of computers and the Internet.

In this week’s episode, the story was about solving who was responsible to the death of a 15-year old kid who loves to play games with his console. One scene showed the kid’s most played games, and Zombie Studios‘s BlackLight: Retribution was his number one favorite.

Here’s the rest of the games.

  1. BlackLight: Retribution: 2,174:43:05 hours
  2. Destiny: 972:20:01 hours
  3. Far Cry 3: 855:55:54 hours
  4. Call of Duty: 845:12:34
  5. Titanfall: 840:41:79
  6. Half Life 2: 652:58:31
  7. Bio-Shock: 533:41:12
  8. Doom: 501:40:51
  9. Battlefield 3: 497:34:55
  10. Counter-Strike: 493:52:12
  11. Portal: 491:53:52
  12. Left 4 Dead 2: 427:35:43
CSI: Cyber S01E11 FPS ranking
CSI: Cyber S01E11 FPS ranking

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