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The Demigod Diaries was a collection of three short stories by Rick Riordan, and one from his son Haley Riordan. Once again, I attempted to pinpoint a specific date when these adventures happened.

If you have read the combined timeline, then you already know where the stories fit. But still, read on, as I admit, I reached a dead-end in one of the story. I can not even think of a fool-proof in-world/in-character explanation.

The Diary of Luke Castellan

This short story was the easiest to date. Although I can not give a specific month, the year at least was pretty obvious. Don’t bother remembering if you’ve missed it because it was not written. The clue was Annabeth’s age when Percy and Thalia found her – she was 7 years old.

In The Lightning Thief, Annabeth was already 12 (yes, she’s older by months with Percy). So if the first book of Percy Jackson and the Olympians series was on 2005, then: 12-7=5 years gap between Luke’s Diary and Percy’s first adventure. Subtract 5 years from 2005, we get the year 2000!


Story date: 2000

Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes

This was only a one-day story. The specific date this happened was also mentioned, multiple times. It was Percy and Annabeth’s first month anniversary (or monthsary as we call it here in the Philippines). We’ve established multiple times that they started dating on Percy’s 16th birthday, August 18.

We were able to set a specific year based on our previous research, 2009. In other words, this story happened on September 18, 2009.

Story date: 2009 September 18th

Leo Valdez and the Quest for Buford

This one is crazy, and I admit this early I can not put any date. Not even a month. All I can say was that this happened after The Lost Hero and before The Son of Neptune. Let me explain why it is impossible to date this story.

Two Months Has Passed

Two months has passed since Jason, Piper, and Leo finished their quest in The Lost Hero according to him.

Leo blamed the Windex. He should’ve known better. Now his entire project – two months of work – might literally blow up in his face.

In his two months at Camp Half-Blood, Leo had spent most of his time at Bunker 9.

It’s Christmas Eve!

The story happens on Christmas Eve, December 24th.

The camp’s weather was magically controlled, so it wasn’t freezing and snowing like it was in the rest of Long Island, but still Leo could tell it was late December.

Christmas Eve. Leo couldn’t believe it was here already. He’d been working so hard in Bunker 9, he’d hardly noticed the weeks passing.

Maenads rushed forward to fill their goblets.
“Merry Christmas!” one yelled.

Let’s backtrack

We have established the following about the date setting of The Heroes of Olympus previously (read it if you have not). Our facts are:

  • The Lost Hero happened on December 17-21 (2009).
  • The Son of Neptune happened on June 19-24 (2010).
  • The Son of Neptune happened exactly four years after The Sea of Monsters, as confirmed by Reyna herself.
  • The Lost Hero quest started four days before the Winter Solstice.

With those facts, there is no doubt the quest of the trio ended on December 21st, the Winter Solstice. If so, then the following are serious conflicts:

  1. It can not happen on Christmas Eve;
  2. If it did, then they arrived on Camp Half-Blood and did their quest on October, since Leo has been inside Bunker 9 for two months, building the Argo II

I would have thought that Leo also got his time wrong (like Annabeth in The Lost Hero and Percy in The Son of Neptune) but [1] he said ‘December’ once; [2] he said it was ‘Christmas Eve’; [3] and the Maenads they met yelled ‘Merry Christmas!’ In fact, at the end of the story, Chiron himself said the Maenads only appear every holidays (which means Christmas to New Year, anywhere in the world). Well, it was snowing outside the Camp during this period of the story, and they had a Christmas Eve campfire celebrations at the end.

My theory then is this, Bunker 9 have the reverse time effect of the Labyrinth, inside, time slows down. Which could explain why Leo thought that two months has passed. But then it can not explain why Leo knew it was Christmas Eve.

Is the time effect in the Labyrinth the clue? Probably. In this story of Leo, it brought them on the old entrance of the Labyrinth, Piper even explained “The Battle of the Labyrinth” to Leo because he had no idea what it was about. (He spent his time in Bunker 9 after their quest, remember?)

That’s the best fit. There’s a time slow effect inside Bunker 9. Now how Leo wasn’t confused of the exact date, be my guess (pun).

The date?

  • Theory 1: Time is slower inside Bunker 9, so it was actually only December 24, 2009
  • Theory 2: Two months did pass after their quest ended on the Winter Solstice (December 21st), but Leo also established without a doubt that it was Christmas Eve = continuity error (Haephestus need to fix his son.)
    • 1st possible date if we ignore that it was Christmas: February/March 2010 (does it still snow around that time in the US?)
    • 2nd possible date if we ignore that two months has passed: December 24, 2009

I’ll go for Theory #1 as I don’t want to say it was continuity error. As I’ve said before, fiction is fiction. Everything can be explained if the author wishes to.

Story date: 2009 December 24th (my personal choice)

Son of Magic (by Haley Riordan)

Ah, this one is my favourite. Clues and more clues about the Percy/Kane world. Let’s begin.

“How long ago have you been on your own?” Claymore asked. “When was your banishment?”
Alabaster shrugged like even he’d forgotten. “Seven or eight months ago, but it seems longer. Time is different for us half-bloods.”

From that conversation alone we can conclude that the Son of Magic short story happened anytime from March to June. Here are additional notes why I think it was so:

  • Lamia did not die everytime she was killed by Alabaster’ Imperial gold sword.
  • As time goes on (and she gets killed more frequently), Lamia regenerates even faster than ever
    • In The Lost Hero, Aphrodite explained to Piper that “The dead will continue to rise. Monsters will regenerate with even greater speed.”
  • Lamia already died centuries before, she was returned to life by her mistress/sponsor – Gaea.
  • Pretty much we can conclude that the icy rescue of the god of death, Thanatos, in The Son of Neptune hasn’t happened yet.
  • Boreas/Aquilon also mentioned that “The earth has many more horrors to yield up. When monsters no longer stay in Tartarus, and souls are no longer confined to Hades…” which was during The Lost Hero quest.

Alabaster was possibly banished on the same day (August 18, 2009) Percy forced the gods of Olympus to recognize the minor gods. But his mother (read it!) refused at first. Then add the facts I pointed out above, it brings us between “seven or eight months” after – which would be March or April.

But then he added that “it seems longer” and “time is different for” half-bloods. Since it can not happen after Death was rescued, then it was probably no later than June 20th. (Death was released from his chains on June 21st, the Summer Solstice.)

Conclusion? The Son of Magic happened on a day between March to June 20, 2010.

Story date: A day between 2010 March and June 20th.

One interesting tidbit: Alabaster is a Greek demigod yet he used an Imperial gold sword. Unless his goddess mother (read it!) is both Greek and Roman like Aphrodite and the minor, goddess of revenge, Nemesis.

Don’t forget to read the Combined Timeline!

Latest update here: Rick Riordan Mythology Timeline

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