Dream High 2 Pilot Episodes

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I just finished watching episodes 1 & 2 of Dream High 2 and I was a little bit disappointed with the pilot episodes. The show airs on KBS2 every Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:55pm Korean Time (UTC+0900), which will have a total of 16 episodes just like Dream High before it.

The story of Dream High 2 is set three (3) years after the Dream High 1 batch graduated from Kirin Arts High School. The school deteriorated into a low type school that barely produces talented graduates. After the government of Korea passed a law requiring underaged K-pop celebrities to complete at least 20 hours of school and no working by 10:00 in the evening, Oz Entertainment decided to buy Kirin Arts and put their idols there.

This quickly turned into a Kirin Arts students vs. Oz Entertainment idols. But that’s not what disappointed me but rather that the first two episodes was reeking of Dream High characters. Take for example the character Shin Hae-Sung played by actress Kang So-Ra.

Shin Hae-Sung is every bit a clone of Kim Pil Suk (played by IU). A typical girl who is soo much in love with a handsome guy that doesn’t see her the same way she does. Naive, simple, and has a knack on things that makes them weird — in a good way. The only thing that differs between these two characters is the Pil Suk is has a talent in composing and singing while Hae-Sung is a complete opposite.

Then there was also the Hyun Si Hyuk aka Jin Guk (played by 2PM‘s Taecyeon) and Jason (played by 2PM‘s Wooyoung) rivalry in Dream High duplicated in this new batch of students. A rivalry, though of a different reason, between Jang Woo Jae aka JB (played by actor Im Jae Bum aka JB) and Jin Yoo-Jin (played by 2AM‘s Jinwoon). Although Jin Guk and Jason’s rivalry didn’t last long, JB and Yoo-Jin will probably stretch all throughout season 2.

But it is not without any positives. In fact, I have high hopes for Dream High 2 to be at par or exceed Dream High 1. I am expecting to see more in-depth character development and storyline twists in this season. For one, some of these new students were already K-pop idols.

The group Eden that’s composed of JB and Si Woo (played by actor Park Seo Joon) are one of the most popular already. They themselves, as it appeared in the pilot episodes, were students of Kirin Arts High School but for some reason they left early to form their group. Now they’re back to finish their “High School” which at the same time, they are at odds with each other.

How these idols and original students will solve their differences and compete with each other to be the top, is more than enough to pique my interest. I’m hopeful that the show will get better just like how it was when I started watching Dream High 1.

The main cast of Dream High 2 are:

  • Actress Kang So-Ra as “Shin Hae-Sung”
  • 2AM‘s Jinwoon as “Jin Yoo-Jin”
  • T-ara‘s Park Ji-Yeon as “Rian”
  • SISTAR‘s Hyorin as “Nana”
  • Actor Im Jae Bum “JB” as “Jang Woo Jae ‘JB’
  • Actor Park Seo Joon as “Si Woo”

With others like:

  • Former After School’s Yoo So-Young as “Park Soon-Dong”
  • After School’s Kahi as Dance Instructor “Hyun Ji-Soo”
  • JY Entertainment owner J.Y. Park recurring his role as Instructor “Yang Jin Man”
  • and many others…
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Dream High 2 Pilot Episodes

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