Earthquake Preparedness Philippines

On the 5th and 8th of April 2017, Southern Luzon in the Philippines was rattled by a series of earthquakes in the span of four (4) days. The different epicenters were around the fault line in-between Batangas port and Puerto Galera. These quakes were also felt in the National Capital Region or Megapolitan Manila, Laguna, and as far as Bulacan.

With the continuous awareness campaign on a long-overdue 7.2-magnitude earthquake in the capital due to the West Valley Fault System (previously known by an incorrect label, “Marikina Fault Line”), these swarm of quakes did two things to local residents: [1] take the Valley Fault System seriously and prepare for it; and [2] fear in the hearts and minds of the people.

In addition to that, government agencies said that they expect more than 30,000 people will die when “The Big One” hits, with an estimated injuries of more than 100,000 people based on the 2004 Metro Manila Earthquake Impact Reduction Study (MMEIRS).

a 7.2magnitude earthquake in Metro Manila could destroy 40% of residential buildings, damage 35% of all public buildings, kill 34,000 people, injure 114,000 individuals, and the ensuing fires will also result in 18,000 additional fatalities.

This is the reality. No one is scaring anyone. We must prepare for it. In line with this, here are some information and tools to supplement our preparedness.

Earthquake Preparedness Philippines
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Earthquake Preparedness Philippines
A page for our "Earthquake Preparedness Philippines" series, featuring apps, information, and tools to supplement our preparation and increase our survival rate.

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