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Apartheid means “separateness” in the Afrikaans language. This is the central theme of the 2009 movie Endgame, based on the book The Fall of Apartheid: The Inside Story from Smuts to Mbeki by Robert Harvey.

The film was produced by Daybreak Pictures with actors William Hurt (as “Will Esterhuyse”), Chiwetel Ejiofor (as “Thabo Mbeki”), Jonny Lee Miller (as “Michael Young”), Mark Strong (as “Dr. Barnard”), Derek Jacobi (as “Rudolf Agnew”), and Clarke Peters (as “Nelson Mandela”), together they retold the last years of apartheid in South Africa, where the Whites, the Blacks, the Coloureds, and the Indians, were separated racially and drove most non-whites underground.

We all talk about racism and we all hate racism, this film depicts the final days of apartheid in South Africa and how the African National Congress (“ANC”) and the National Party both wanted an end to the armed conflict but differing greatly in their solutions.

Thabo Mbeki led the ANC in the secret talks with Will Esterhuyse, representing the National Party. The negotiations (if you can call it that) was being done in secret while the two parties are engaging in a different front at home.

Under the State Presidency of Pieter Willem Botha, the stance of his government was for ANC’s President Nelson Mandela, who is in prison, to denounce violence. Mr. Mandela did not give in, instead played along thus keeping the secret negotiations going.

Which when F.W. de Klerk replaced P.W. Botha as the State President of South Africa in 1989, the secret meetings finally turned 180-degrees. State President De Klerk saw the need to end the apartheid while the atmosphere and situation is still favourable for peaceful negotiations.

In February 1990, De Klerk made the most important announcement in South Africa’s history, all political prisoners were released, all parties were invited legalized, and ANC’s Nelson Mandela was released after twenty-seven years of imprisonment.

This paved the way for a new South Africa, which is what my generation (those born in the 80s here in East Asia and Asean regions) have always known.

The actors played their roles well and Director Pete Travis once again kept my heart pounding, just like what he did with the 2008 movie Vantage Point.

I highly recommend this movie especially to those living in countries where there are still armed conflicts and hostilities, which in my view was created because of an existing apartheid – the poor-majority, and the rich-few.

You can buy the DVD here: Endgame.

I leave you with this quote from movie:
We have a word, “ubuntu”. It means a person’s humanity is measured according to their relationship with others.

We tell the children that these people, who commit these crimes have lost their humanity and are as much victims of apartheid as we are.

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