07-Ghost Ep09: The Color of His Soul Will Be Forever…

Episode 09 begins where episode 08 left off, the awakening of the Eye of Mikhail in Teito Klein.

And from there on, this episode focused on the bond between Teito and his bestfriend Mikage. A touchy episode, but even if this isn’t your type of a story, this is still not to be skipped as there were revelations and new questions to be answered in this episode.

Mikhail or Michael have awoken in the body of Teito Klein very much in rage because of the collar around his neck. He immediately faced Ayanami who is in control of Mikage’s body ordering him to remove the collar that he placed.

In his rage, he further raised his power level to “010” even with the collar on, which surprises Ayanami. This gives us the understanding that the collar limits the power output of an individual, but Michael pushed it to the limits. Ayanami, now aware of the danger immediately acted and binded Michael/Teito rendering him unconcious. It was when he is about to drag him out that a Seven Ghost showed up.

This Seven Ghost was identified by Ayanami as Zehel, which Teito (now awake and back as himself) heard. Teito recalls his childhood in the church when he first learned of the so-called god Zehel. Zehel was about to attack and said “May God Be With You”. Teito immediately recognized him as Frau, and in his desperation to save Mikage, he begged Frau/Zehel that if he really is a god, he should be able to save his friend.

Frau then noticed that Mikage’s soul is being eaten by Ayanami’s possession, to which Ayanami reminded them that his friend’s soul will forever be lost. Frau hesitated to cut the single wing behind Mikage’s body, but Ayanami did it himself.

Before leaving Mikage’s body, Ayanami told Zehel that the destiny of the scythe is to return to his side. This shocked Frau as he is aware of the identity of the scythe’s true owner.

Mikage died, as Ayanami have told them, and Teito succumed to depression. He recalled the days when and how Mikage have supported him, encouraged him, and stayed by his side when he thought that he got no one else in the world.

The next morning, the sisters, Bishops Castor and Labrador were knocking on Teito’s room for he did not join them in breakfast. Bishop Frau arrived and broke the door who brought him breakfast, only to find Teito is still deep in his depression. Frau revealed to him that his friend Mikage was reborn and he is the pink rabbit with wings that came with Frau. This finally put back some hope in Teito and was very happy to hear that Mikage has returned to fulfill their oath with each other.

Frau then tried to remove the collar from Teito’s neck but instead he was bitten by it. Labrador told them that it is a promise collar and recognizes its master through a blood pact. He went on to tell them that if they don’t see each other within forty-eight hours, the collar will explode. This put Frau and Teito into an awkward situation, ever since they met they never liked each other’s character. But as people say, the more you hate, the more you love/like.

The intro-arc has ended, a new arc will begin in the next episode that will bring us into an adventure in the world of 07-Ghost.

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07-Ghost episode 09: The Color of His Soul Will Be Forever…

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