07-Ghost – Memories … Destiny

I just finished watching all eight episodes currently available of the anime adaptation of 07-Ghost. A fantasy manga, often debated whether it’s a shounen or shoujo type, written and illustrated by Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara.

This is only two-month old anime series which only premiered April of this year, being produced by Studio GEEN (


The eight episode was a blast as this is where Ayanami (the main antagonist) was finally able to take full control of Teito Klein’s (our main protagnist) best-friend Mikage. This put the best-friends into a fight, where Teito have to face Mikage with a stronger Zaiphon, in my opinion, amplified by Ayanami.

Zaiphon is the magic ability or power in the world of 07-Ghost. The way it works is that the user converts the life source around him into any form of energy – which usually takes the form that reflects the nature of its user. The way they use zaiphon is that they write words in the air, it could be with their hands or with another object.

At the end of the episode, Teito was defeated and Ayanami controlling the body of Mikage got distracted, after tears flowed from the body’s eyes. It was at this moment that Teito’s hidden power have awoken and took control of his body.

The Eye of Mikhail which have been inside him since he was a kid surfaced, the object that whirled Teito into this mess and which his father have told him to be his destiny.

In episode 9, the conclusion of the fight will be told, and more information will be revealed about Mikhail (or Michael). If you’ve read the manga, then the mystery is all gone :p

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