Bleach Ep222

The latest episode is about the fight between the 2nd Division Captain Shaolin Fon and Barragan Luisenbarn’s Fraccion Ggio Vega; and 2nd Division Vice-Captain Marechiyo Omaeda and Barragan Luisenbarn’s Fraccion Nirgge Parduoc.

This episode is both serious and cracked/funny, with Soi Fon’s seriousness “business-is-business” and Omaeda’s largeness – with an equally large mouth, “Ooh I’m scared” attitude.

This episode continues where episode 221 left off, when Soi Fon released her zanpakuto Suzumebachi, and was about to attack Ggio Vega (who was pinned with Way of Binding No. 30: Beak Piercing Triple Beam). Vega escaped by shooting a Celo to the building he was pinned, and freed himself.

Fon and Vega all throughout this episode were analyzing and measuring each other’s moves and strengths. Even at Vega’s resurreccion form – the Itgre Estoque (Tiger Rapier), he is still no match to Fon, or so it appears.

Meanwhile, our handsome (*cough*) and wealthy Vice-Captain has been trying to inflict injury to Nirgge Parduoc but to no avail. Nirgge got bored with Omaeda, and he said that he really wanted to fight the blond babe (Rangiku Matsumoto).

He transformed into his resurreccion form Mamut (Mammoth) to end the fight quickly. Omaeda was caught in surprise and tried to escape, while running, he continues to taunt his enemy and boast of himself. It was when he was about to get hit by Nirgge’s huge mammoth nose that he showed his ability and released his zanpakuto. His sword transformed into Gegetsuburi (Five Heads), which is an oversized spiked ball and chain, which he threw at Nirgge.

It turned out that Omaeda was faking to be a weak, fat, useless, Vice-Captain. As soon as his enemy was down, he immediately went back to his act and took a liking of the mammoth nose. Nirgge who was also faking, wrapped his mammoth nose around Omaeda.

Nirgge was pulling Omaeda’s nose to make it longer as his mammoth nose when someone hit Nirgge and Omaeda got freed. When he looked (after checking his nose), he found out that it was Captain Soi Fon who hit Nirgge hard, and she’s having a hard time against Ggio Vega.

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Bleach Episode 222

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