Fullmetal Alchemist Ep10: Separate Ways

A sad episode… A story where dear people have to say their final goodbyes to each other.

The episode opens in the days of the war with Ishbal where Colonel Mustang and Lt. Col. Hughes were one of those sent to conquer the territory. It was revealed that it was at this time that Mustang ambitioned to become the Fuhrer King and Hughes gave him his full support.

Colonel Mustang woke up, who fell asleep in his office as he tries to finishes his documents before he moves out to Central. And in the hospital, the Elric brothers together with Hughes and Armstrong were discussing the information that they have so far collected.

King Bradley paid them a surprised visit, poked into their investigation, and strictly gave them warnings about the military, to stop their investigation, and to keep silent with all the information they already gathered. Bradley also gave them new information especially about the people who have links to the Philosopher’s Stone. He left immediately after hearing his subordinate looking for him by jumping outside the window of Ed’s room.

The brothers decided to go and pay their Alchemist master a visit in Dublith, a town deep inside the Southern Territory. They were all looking at the map when Winry noticed that they will passed by “The Holy Land of Automails, Rush Valley”. Winry decided to go with the brothers, the next day they left Central to go to the Southern territory.

Meanwhile, Lt. Colonel Hughes digs deeper in the military’s records and the latest reports from the other areas like Lior. A thought came to his mind and he went to the library to be alone. He found a connection between the unrest in Lior in the past days, the border wars going on in the North and Western territories, and the Ishbal war.

Then he was visited by Lust in the library and tried to kill him. Lt. Colonel Hughes was able to escape and slowly walked towards the army’s phone section to make a call to Colonel Mustang. Wounded and bleeding, and all the pieces of the puzzles starting to fit in one-by-one, he decided to make a call from an outside line instead.

Being outside, he has to go through the standard operating procedure of identity confirmation, when Envy disguised as Maria Ross showed up behind him in the telephone booth, pointing a gun at him. Hughes was about to attack when Envy changed his form into his wife Gracia.

Envy shot Hughes, and by the time Mustang answered the phone, Hughes was already down, and can hardly move. Envy took the phone and hanged-up and left Hughes bleeding to death.

The next morning (or after a few days), Hughes was buried and given a promotion. Colonel Mustang followed Hughe’s last trail and able to piece together the few puzzles he can gather. This made him even more eager and dedicated to become the Fuhrer King and to get to Central, as he figures that the higher ups may be involved. This was the clue given by Armstrong when he kept his silence even when he was being asked by a superior officer.

Winry and the Elric brothers were still on the train when all these happened, they were talking about Hughe’s family happily without any knowledge of his death. The train heads on for the Rush Valley, where they will stop to accompany their childhood friend in the Holy Land of Automails.

Farewell Brigadier General Maes Hughes, 1885-1914
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Fullmetal Alchemist episode 10: Separate Ways

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