The Flash Season 2 Ends

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The Flash season 2 ended with tonight’s episode 23 where Barry and Hunter battled it out by a race to determine who was the fastest in both worlds. Barry, the Flash of Earth-1 versus Hunter, the Zoom of Earth-2.

There were many revelations in this flashy season finale–yes, get ready for spoilers.

  • The mysterious man in the iron mask is the real Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth-3. Any fan of the 90s Flash, yes, the one and only Jay Garrick.
  • Hunter Zolomon stole Jay Garrick’s name after he captured him from Earth-3. He got the idea to be the Flash of Earth-2 from Flash of Earth-3.
  • Earth-1 is at the center of the multiverse. It is directly connected to most, if not all, parallel Earths.
  • There are infinite Earths in the DC (TV) multiverse.

Flash Earth-1 Changed the Past

At the end of the episode, Barry of Earth-1 traveled back to the time when his mother was killed. He stopped Reverse Flash of far future Earth-1 from killing his mother, which effectively erased the events of The Flash Season 1 and most of Season 2. This was made clear when Barry’s first attempt to change the past slowly faded from existence.

Time Paradox Explained

Since the death of Barry’s mother was the pivotal point why Barry became the Flash of Earth-1 far too early than it should have been, the effect of her not dying deleted all the events of Season 1. Her death was the anchor of Season 1, without this event, none of it ever happened.

This went on up to a certain point in Season 2. A wild estimate, half of Season 2 just went kaput. Gone. Never happened, all because Barry changed a very major point in the past.

But how will it affect the rest of Season 2? His accidental travel to Supergirl‘s Earth which was because of the future technology he got from Earth-1’s Reverse Flash? How about the events in Earth-2, with Zoom/Hunter Zolomon? All these questions will be answered, no doubt, in season 3. But there is one other revelation, or clue here.

Does this mean we are going to see something similar to the comics Flashpoint Paradox?

Season 3

In the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, it was revealed that the Justice Society of America–which was first shown in The Flash season 2 while Barry was in Earth-2–is going to be involved in Earth-1 due to an enemy, that not even the Legends team (take note, they are the timemasters) will be able to handle by themselves.

JSA of Earth-2 will work with Legends of Earth-1. And with Barry changing a pivotal point in time of his very existence, and of Earth-2 to an extent, it would seem that Barry helped in creating or ushering in this powerful enemy hinted in Legends of Tomorrow.

Also, with the revelation that Jay Garrick was from Earth-3, and as I mentioned before, Supergirl’s Earth might be Earth-3–it would explain why Supergirl was not aware of a Speedster because Jay was captured and imprisoned in Earth-2–it will tie-in Supergirl to the rest of the DCTV multiverse.

Another theory

Since the Justice Society of America was founded by Jay Garrick, at least in the comics, there is a possibility that the JSA we are going to see in The Flash season 3 and Legends of Tomorrow season 2, is the JSA of Earth-3 where the original Jay Garrick was the founder.

Which would make Supergirl‘s universe possibly Earth-4.

Bonus: New Earth-2 Flash

But let’s not stop there. In the DC multiverse, each parallel earth or parallel universe must have no less than one speedster. Since Hunter Zolomon/Zoom of Earth-2 was captured by the time wraiths, who would be the next one?

It is highly possible that it would be Earth-2 Doctor Harrison Well’s daughter, Jesse Wells, now that she and her father returned to Earth-2, she has been chosen to be the new speedster of Earth-2.

By the way, did I mention that the death of Zoom/Hunter Zolomon could explain why the Justice Society of America is back in action, as was hinted in the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow?

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The Flash Season 2 Ends
Article Name
The Flash Season 2 Ends
The Flash season 2 ended tonight with Barry defeating Zoom/Hunter Zolomon of Earth-2. However, there were a couple of reveals and hints in this last episode. Find out here.

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