Goodbye Supergirl

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Supergirl season 1 ended this week with episode 20 entitled “Better Angels”. It was a long 20 weeks (or so if we count the weeks they did not air an episode) of Supergirl ups-and-downs. Of strong and weak episodes. Of interesting and boring stories. And well, questions.

The season finale was great. It summed up the whole season 1. From Kara’s unplanned use of her powers to Cat’s change of heart. The loose ends were tied-up. Questions answered. And her relationship with earthlings (and a martian) established and strengthened. This season was not only Supergirl’s introduction but it was about her family.

It was about hope and relationships.

A krypton pod

But, just like any good season ender episodes, they introduced a cliffhanger. At the end, a krypton pod crashlanded on earth yet again. The same one that Kara and her cousin Superman, were on when they first arrived.

When she opened the pod, all her reaction was simply, Oh my god! What could it be? Or who could it be that made her react very surprised?

Pick your choice:

  • Superboy
  • Krypto, the superdog
  • Powergirl
  • Young Kara, from another universe
  • Young Clark, from another universe

The thing with the DC TV universe is that it has been well-established it is part of the bigger DC Multiverse. We have seen Barry, as the Flash, from the TV series, The Flash, who admitted he was from a different parallel earth. And we already know how the earth from The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow, referred to as Earth-1, had exchanges with Earth-2.

Which makes the choices above like Superboy, Powergirl, young Kara, and young Clark, very possible considering their origin stories, they were from another parallel universe!

Then again, they do not have to be from another universe. The origin stories that we know of in DC comics are just that, comics. The TV series are different. Thus, Superboy and Powergirl does not have to be a clone or testtube baby, they could very well be refugees from Krypton in the same universe as Supergirl.

Likewise, with young Kara and young Clark. They could be from the exact same universe as Supergirl and the explanation was as simple (okay, complex, really) as timetravel. It is possible, especially in DC. Every universe in the grand DC Multiverse always have at least one speedster (a.k.a. Flash). When there is a speedster, timetravel is a reality. Supergirl’s universe definitely have a speedster of its own, we just probably will never know him or her for reasons we can list forever.

Season 2

All we can do at this point is wait until Supergirl’s season 2 premiere, which is a given at this point. Season 1 was not perfect. There were dull moments, weak stories, but it has proven that it can make a turn around double-fold. This season finale episode and the one before it, saved the whole series.

It is sad to see Supergirl go and I will definitely miss waiting for a new episode. I hope for Season 2, they will have a total of 25 episodes instead of 20 only. A 25-episode series is still, for me, the perfect count to tell a story, regardless if it was animation or live-action. Any less, the writers had to compress the story-arc.

So, goodbye Supergirl. Take a break. Until the next time you fly.

By the way, Clark, I now understand why Kara was sent to protect you. You are weak.

Goodbye Supergirl
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Goodbye Supergirl
Supergirl Season 1 ended this week with episode 20 season finale entitled 'Better Angels'. A superb ending fitting the Girl of Steel.

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