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Arrow‘s season 04 premier was a positive one, a good episode to start with this series. (I never liked seasons 1 and 2, and only partly season 3). For this episode, and season, Arrow is now officially the Green Arrow. In addition to that, the connection of both The Flash and Arrow was sealed.

But, there are bound to be some confusions and questions, after all, both serials just had their season premier episodes. As I’ve seen both, allow me to guide you in the right direction.

Spoiler alert!

Here’s the timeline of events based on The Flash season 2 and Arrow season 4, premier episodes.

  1. The Flash is set 6 months after the previous season finale.
  2. There was a “Flash Day” event to recognize Flash’s saving Central City from the “black hole”.
  3. In the beginning of Arrow, “Flash Day” was mentioned during the Star City’s council gloomy meeting of their city’s state. It already happened, how many days ago, no clue was dropped. It could be “yesterday” from Arrow’s s04e01 perspective.
  4. Arrow: There was an official inauguration of the new train connecting Central City and Star City. (This was not mentioned in The Flash s02ep01 but could be hinted at in episode 2.)
  5. Arrow: At the end of the episode, “6 months later” in-universe, the Green Arrow was standing in front of a tombstone and The Flash beside him.
  6. Arrow: The Flash apologized for not being able to attend the funeral. To which, Green Arrow asked, “busy with Zoom?”
  7. The Flash: Zoom is the new enemy of Flash, which is yet to be revealed officially this coming episode 2. Hence, if you are not familiar with the comic stories, that was a definite spoiler right there in Arrow.
  8. Arrow: Green Arrow is bent on “killing him”, whoever that “him” is who killed whoever was killed.

Arrow: Who died?

That is the million dollar question, isn’t it? I do not know. But I think it was Felicity. Here’s why:

  • Green Arrow wouldn’t take killing “him” a personal vendetta, at least by the state he was in at the “6 months alter” spoiler.
  • He even told The Flash that he wants to be alone, so Flash left him.
  • Before the “6 months later” spoiler, Green Arrow hid the engagement ring he was supposed to give to Felicity.
  • That scene clearly hinted that things changed for them now that they’re back in Star City.
  • For him to be so “Arrow” instead of “Green Arrow” in that “6 months later” spoiler scene, there was strong regret on his part. Possibly because he never got a chance to propose, or was blaming himself for not doing it earlier “6 months ago” (ie, when he hid the engagement ring).

The Flash: Who is (the) Zoom?

Well, I’m surprised you are asking that question instead of saying “was he not wiped from existence?” Yes, in season 1, “Zoom” was Barry’s Reverse Flash. But you see, in The Flash lore, “Zoom” was always a name taken by an enemy of the speedsters who is a speedster too. Though this time, it won’t be Barry’s Reverse Flash because he was never born when Eddie Thawne shot himself to help Barry.

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