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The Heroes of Olympus is a 5-book sequel series to Percy Jackson and the Olympians (5 books too). On this post, we are going to attempt in pinpointing the correct date of the series. The lovers Percy and Annabeth made it all very confusing.

If you want to see a summary, visit my combined timeline post.

The Lost Hero

In The Lost Hero Annabeth explained to Piper that she has been searching for Percy for “Three days, six hours, and about twelve minutes” or simply, three days. Here is Annabeth telling her story:

“We were so excited because we both started winter break early. We met up at camp on Tuesday, figured we had three weeks together. It was going to be great. Then after the campfire, he—he kissed me good night, went back to his cabin, and in the morning, he was gone. We searched the whole camp. We contacted his mom. We’ve tried to reach him every way we know how. Nothing. He just disappeared.”

Second clue: Percy disappeared on a date that falls on a Wednesday. We can know the specific date by reading on, we have this conversation next:

“You must save Hera to prevent a great evil,” Rachel continued. “Some sort of king from rising. For reasons we don’t yet understand, it must happen by the winter solstice, only four days from now.”

The winter solstice can fall on either the 21st or the 22nd of December. If we subtract four days from that, we arrive at the 17th or the 18th. The conversation above happened on the evening of the same day Annabeth told Piper what happened to Percy. With that information, we can subtract 3 days from 17 and/or 18.

We come up with Percy’s disappearance on the 14th or 15th of December, that must fall on a Wednesday. That’s where our problem begins.

  • December 15 on a Wednesday is on the year 2010.
  • December 14 on a Wednesday is on the year 2011.

The years 2010 and 2011 are too far ahead. It can not and will never fit Annabeth’s answer when Piper asked her how long they’ve been together:

“Since August,” Annabeth said. “August eighteenth.”

Annabeth did not say “since August 2009” or “since August last year”. Normally, we understood a “since” month without a year, as within 11 months. Since it was already December, if it was “last year”, Annabeth would have said so. The rest of the conversation solidifies our theory:

“Almost exactly when I met Jason,” Piper said. “But we’ve only been together a few weeks.”
Annabeth winced. “Piper… about that. Maybe you should sit down.”
Piper knew where this was going. Panic started building inside her, like her lungs were filling with water. “Look, I know Jason thought – he thought he just appeared at our school today. But that’s not true. I’ve known him for four months.”

There you go, four months. There is no doubt that the events of The Heroes of Olympus began not on December 2010 or 2011 but solidly on December 2009. The same year when Percy Jackson turned 16, when Luke died a hero, when Olympus was saved by demigods, when Annabeth and Percy officially dated and had their first kiss – August 18, 2009.

Percy and Annabeth actually met at Camp Half-Blood on a Sunday, had a date, kissed their good nights, and Percy disappeared on Monday morning, December 14th of the same year. Probably Annabeth was so confused because she was going crazy her boyfriend was missing, and with Hera’s threats after their last conversation in The Battle of the Labyrinth, well, I probably would panic and get paranoid too.

The Lost Hero occured on December 17 to 21 of the year 2009. Four months after the events of The Last Olympian.

Another solid proof was the conversation of Percy and Reyna at Camp Jupiter in The Son of Neptune, herein quoted:

“Bellona, yes.” Reyna scrutinized him carefully. “You don’t remember where you saw this ring before? You really don’t remember me or my sister, Hylla?”
Percy shook his head. “I’m sorry.”
“It would’ve been four years ago.”

Since The Son of Neptune was clearly on June 19 to 24 of a certain year, and the encounter Reyna told percy happened four years ago at that time, then we should be able to find it. True enough, the encounter was exactly four years ago, during the events of The Sea of Monsters also June.

The dating of The Lost Hero was solidified by The Son of Neptune. We are also clear that the first book of this sequel series happened on the same year as The Last Olympian.

Story date: 2009 December 17th to 21st

The Son of Neptune

Next is The Son of Neptune, the second book of The Heroes of Olympus sequel series. Now if you think everything has been settled, I can tell you right now that even the great Percy Jackson got his time wrong.

Now, as they headed back into the Olympian gods’ territory, Percy remembered everything: the war with Kronos, his sixteenth birthday at Camp Half-Blood, his trainer Chiron the centaur, his best friend Grover, his brother Tyson, and most of all Annabeth – two great months of dating, and then BOOM. He’d been abducted by the alien known as Hera. Or Juno… whatever.

Eight months of his life stolen.

I bet if Annabeth finds out Percy only counted two great months of dating, she will give him two equally great months of exams and battle training (being the daughter of Athena, what do you expect). If they started dating on August 18th as Annabeth told Piper, and if he disappeared on December 14, 2009, then they’ve been dating for almost 4 months! Hmm… Annabeth will probably give him 4 months of exucriating mental and body pain, not two.

Second thing Percy got wrong. He was abducted by the alien Hera for eight months? It’s also not possible because his adventure during his stay in Camp Jupiter happened on June 19 to 24, 2010. From December 14, 2009 to his appearance in June 2010, that was only six months.

And again, as I mentioned earlier, Reyna gave us the most solid evidence that The Son of Neptune happened on June, exactly four years after The Sea of Monsters. Whatever experiments the alien Juno did to him, he seriously got his timekeeping messed up.

Or maybe, it is another quirk of being a half-blood, they can’t tell time properly, since Annabeth got it wrong too. Since I like time alot, it makes sense of things, I no longer want to be a demigod, if that is the case. Then again, I’m an aspie (a person born with Asperger Syndrome, another form of autism), we are dead serious with timekeeping.

(I hope, when Rick tells the story of the Norse gods, their mortal and/or demigods are aspies, I personally like Norse mythology than any other.)

Story date: 2010 June 19th to 24th

The Mark of Athena

Well, with the two lovers reunited and their teenager demigod hormones back to normal, I don’t expect anymore timekeeping mess. Fortunately, that is correct. Or, wait, maybe it was the alien Hera’s fault all along…

The Mark of Athena started on June 25, 2010, when the Argo II hovered over Camp Jupiter. They were supposed to arrive on June 21 but for reasons unknown and not explained in the book, but probably the alien Juno has something to do with it for sure, they arrived late. Not much of a problem dating this book, it happened on June 25th to July 1st of 2010.

Story date: 2010 June 25th to July 1st

The House of Hades

The fourth book started two days after the ending of The Mark of Athena, on July 3rd. However, since they calculated their adventure to Greece taking eighteen days, then this book started on July 1st after Percy and Annabeth fell to Tartarus, and ended on July 18th of 2010.

Here are some snippets:

For the past two days they’d skirted north, hoping to find a safe pass, with no luck.

Leo shrugged. “Cool with me. But, uh, a few pesky logistical problems. We got what–two weeks until that Roman feast day when Gaea is supposed to rise?”
“The Feast of Spes,” Jason said. “That’s on the first of August. Today is–”
“July eighteenth,” Frank offered. “So, yeah, from tomorrow, exactly fourteen days.”
Hazel winced. “It took us eighteen days to get from Rome to here–a trip that should’ve only taken two or three days, max.”

At this point, I wouldn’t mention anything else. As far as dating is concerned, we have this book dated correctly. I strongly suggest that you read all the other short-stories so you’ll enjoy this book more than if you read this as stand-alone.

If that wasn’t clear enough, some of the short-stories were mentioned in this book or had an effect. Yes, book 4 is a stand-alone story, you do not need to read the short-stories but if you did read those, The House of Hades will become an epic story for you. Your choice.

Story date: 2010 July 1st to 18th

The Blood of Olympus

Based on the ending of The House of Hades, the final book in this sequel series will begin on July 19th and end on August 1st, the Roman holiday called the “Day of Hope”, in Athens, Greece! Fourteen days of adventure. But we have a year to wait for the book release, as of this blog post.

Another interesting tidbit, the title itself. Whose blood? What does it mean? We know that for Gaea to wake-up, two demigod blood have to be sacrificed. There was sort of a clue as to who the first one will be but who will be the second? Then again, the title was blood of Olympus. An Olympian god or goddess will die? Or are they all going to die (or donate)?

Story date: 2010 July 19th to August 1st

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