How-To Recover Your Mobile Number


Ever lost your phone? Had my share. Not only do I have to buy a new phone but a new SIM card. I have to buy a new load which I spent only to inform my contacts of my new prepaid number. Such a hassle, right?

Well, here’s the thing. We can actually get the same prepaid mobile number. You probably did not know that. Don’t worry, most of us did not either.

For this post, I’m going to show three ways to have the same prepaid number and it will surprise you how it was right in front of us all the time.

Keep the SIM bed

What’s a SIM bed? This…

Yes, stop throwing it away! As long as you can show it to them, they will replace your lost or stolen SIM card and give you the same prepaid number. That simple.

GCASH card

This one is for Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers. If you have a GCASH ATM card, you can use that as proof you own the prepaid number you’ve reported stolen. But, if you used a false name and billing address when you activated your number’s GCASH account, you’re out of luck.


Now this, I have not tried. But there is a possibility PLDT will honor your SMART Money card, provided you’ve attached it with your prepaid number before you lost it. If I get a chance to test this, I’ll update this.


In other words, prove you own the prepaid number you reported you lost and want to reuse. For example, both the GCASH ATM and SMART Money cards require that we provide our real names and billing information. Since these two debit cards must be tied-in to a mobile number, it acts similar to a SIM bed, proof.

When they ask you for your identification and it matched with their data, you’re all good. Simple, right?

Next time that you buy a new prepaid SIM card, keep the SIM bed safe somewhere. Getting a GCASH ATM card is a good idea as a backup.

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    How to get back your old prepaid mobile number if your phone was lost or stolen? Here's how…

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