iBlog5: Back to the Basics of Blogging


Last Saturday, May 9, 2009, I attended iblog5, the 5th Philippine Blogging Summit – finally! This was the 5th time I signed-up online but only my first time to join the fun.

The summit focused more on explaining what blogging is, the different types of it, to bringing your blogging to the next level. It is about the basics of blogging – good for aspiring and new bloggers, and a reminder to existing bloggers.

For me, the topics I looked forward to are Video Blogging, Legal Issues in Blogging, and Blogging to the Next Level. Of course the other topics were excellent as well, and special mention goes to Mr. James Jimenez, COMELEC-EID Director for informing everyone about what the COMELEC is doing, not just for the upcoming 2010 election, but for the highly expected online campaigning we will see soon.

Video Blogging

The speakers for Video Blogging were Mr. Azrael Coladilla and Ms. Kring Elenzano. Watch the intro video, which was kind of a parody of the Mac vs. PC ads.

Azrael talked about the overview of video blogging while his collection of vlog vids were being played. Followed by Kring, who talked about the How To’s of the faboulous world of vlogging.

Legal Issues in Blogging

An excellent presentation (and that’s an understatement) from Atty. JJ Disini, who clarified the legal issues in blogging especially when it comes to the Copyright Law – the area which many bloggers, new and old alike, still do not understand very well. The bottomline of this topic, the moment your pen leaves the paper, that work is copyrighted to you.

The Creative Commons License was partly touched but he cleared the confusion between All Rights Reserved and ‘Creative Commons’, in that CCL is giving away some rights specifically to republish a work and create derivatives of it, making it easy for the other writers to quote or cite Copyrighted materials. As opposed to ‘All Rights Reserved’ which require a written permission when quoting a part of an article if it will be beyond what constitutes Fair Use.

Blogging to the Next Level

This was the last presentation but in my opinion, the most important one – a talk about making your blogging hobby bring home some cash. Let’s face it, when we blog it is all outgoing, for financial experts it falls under the category liabilities. If we want to be serious with our blogs then we need to turn it into an asset, otherwise you’ll soon see yourself not blogging.

Fitz gave the presentation about the Top 5 Tips That Probloggers Will Usually Not Tell You About Making Money Online:

  • Blog about your passion that has commercial value
  • Get a domain name and webhosting if you want more technical control of your blog, but blogs in free sites can earn as much as self-hosted blogs
  • Write quality content about topics that people search for
  • Learn Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization
  • Be patient, making good money through blogging takes time because it’s not easy to write for and maintain multiple blogs

Next was Anton of the Our Awesome Planet fame, who talked about The Secret in Taking Your Blog to the Next Level by explaining the Different Levels of Blogging Evolution.

Different Levels of Blogging Evolution

Blogging 101

Here is the presentation by Ms. Micaela Rodriguez and Mr. AJ Matela, entitled Blogging 101 (via SlideShare).

Ms. Micaela Rodriguez: MICAMYX
Mr. AJ Matela: Bakla Ako, May Reklamo?

Mobile Blogging 101

You can check out the presentation by Mr. Edwin “Ka Edong” Soriano about Mobile Blogging right here, right now (via SlideShare).

Feedback and Suggestions

Now what is attending an event and not giving your feedback and suggestions? Here’s mine: The summit overall was a success and iBlog5’s main topic really fits this generation of the blogosphere – [1] more netizens are becoming bloggers, especially Filipinos; and [2] most existing bloggers have already forgotten the basics of blogging, like why they started blogging.

For my suggestions:

  1. Require the wearing of IDs, better yet make it a nametag wherein we will see the person’s handle and blog URL – the two things anyone will recognize.
  2. Provide two rooms for simultaneous seminars. The morning line-up of Room A will be Room B’s afternoon line-up. In this way attendees will be able to listen to topics they came for on their own available time – morning or afternoon.
  3. Allocate time for Questions & Answers ^_^ (having two rooms can help fit this in)
  4. For the future speakers, I suggest that you also upload your presentation online, for example via SlideShare.

This was my first iBlog, so I am not sure as to the format of the previous four iBlogs. Maybe even allocate time for blogger social activities – of what type, I do not have suggestions right now.

Free 1 Year Webhosting!

Good news! Fresh from the success of iBlog5, GREATWEBHOST.COM.PH would be giving away free BLOG plans for one year to attendees of iBlog5. Just email them at admin(at)greatwebhost(dot)com(dot)ph if you want to avail of it.

Link love

Now it is time for Link Love! These are all the blogs and links I found online related to #iBlog5. And here’s a non-sense trivia, I spent more time with this section than the content above. Good think I did this last, sometimes I complete sections in reverse :p

Of course, a big thanks to the sponsors of iBlog5 without them, this year’s summit won’t be as successful. See all the great sponsors here.

Attendees Who Blogged After

Included only are those I know have attended the summit, or made a post about iBlog5 after the event.

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Event Card
iBlog5: The 5th Philippine Blogging Summit
University of the Philippines, Diliman,Quezon City,Philippines

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