[Video] Identical Triplet IU


When Telegram Messenger announced the availability of the new Bot Platform 2.0, featuring, Inline bots, the first thing I tried was the @youtube inline bot.

The first search that popped into my mind was IU and I found this cool video where there were three IU singing The Shower.

I hope you enjoyed the video, her singing, and the song as much as I did!

Video Card
[Special Clip] IU(아이유) _ The shower(푸르던) [ENG SUB]
[Special Clip] IU(아이유) _ The shower(푸르던) [ENG SUB]

The Live Performance of 'The shower' with three IUs! The emotional live performance 'The shower' of IU who is singing everything about the age of 23 with her new album ‘CHAT-SHIRE’! Your ordinary days and the blue moments in the past, shall we move to the warm live concert of three IUs(?)?

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