IU (아이유)’s Last Fantasy

IU (아이유) - Last Fantasy

IU (아이유) released her 2nd full-length album a few days ago, the 29th of November 2011 entitled “Last Fantasy“. She wrote many of the lyrics in this album and was composed by top music composers, with the exemption of one which IU herself composed.

The theme of this album is about IU’s life experience and expectations as she transitions from a teenager to a young adult. She is turning 20 years old next year (19yrs old for non-Koreans) and just like everybody else, it is one of the most important turning point in our lives. This is where Last Fantasy revolves…

I’m happy to say that Last Fantasy is worth buying, far deserving than any other album you may want to buy in the next 6 months. It has 13 tracks and all of it are good to the ears – not to mention her amazing voice and singing talent turns the song into a beautiful music.

In fact, right after her latest album was released, 00:00H Korean time (UTC+9), all 13 songs started to dominate the Top 13 spots in many Korean charts. In other words, IU’s Last Fantasy is a certified allkill.

IU (아이유) - Last Fantasy

Of the 13 songs, my favourites are:

  1. 라망 (L’amant) {The Lover} – a soft, slow, jazz song
  2. 4AM – jazz, soul, composed by British contemporary jazz & soul singer and guitarist Corinne Bailey Rae with lyrics by IU
  3. 너랑 나 {You and I}
  4. 비밀 {Secret}
  5. 별을 찾는 아이 {Child Searching for A Star} (feat. 김광진 [Kim Kwang Jin])

Here’s a music video, with a storyline, entitled 너랑 나 {You and I} (with English subtitles)

Album tracks

  1. 비밀 {Secret}
  2. 잠자는 숲 속의 왕자 {Sleeping Prince} (feat. 윤상 [Yoon Sang])
  3. 별을 찾는 아이 {Child Searching for A Star} (feat. 김광진 [Kim Kwang Jin])
  4. 너랑 나 {You and I}
  5. 벽지무늬 {Wallpaper Design}
  6. 삼촌 {Uncle} (feat. 이적 [Lee Juck]) – lyrics written in collaboration with IU (아이유)
  7. 사랑니 {Wisdom Tooth} – lyrics written in collaboration with IU (아이유)
  8. Everything’s Alright (feat. 김현철 [Kim Hyun Cheol]) – lyrics written in collaboration with IU (아이유)
  9. Last Fantasy
  10. Teacher (feat. Ra.D) – lyrics written in collaboration with IU (아이유)
  11. 길 잃은 강아지 {A Stray Puppy} – composed and lyrics by IU (아이유)
  12. 4AM – composed by Corrinne Bailey Rae; lyrics by IU (아이유)
  13. 라망 (L’amant) {The Lover}
IU (아이유) - Last Fantasy

IU’s Comeback Stage

And this is IU’s Music Bank comeback performance, December 2, 2011.

Image source: WeHeartIU, official IU International fan site.

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