Laos National Flower – Plumeria rubra

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It is also the Official Symbol of Laos, a waxy flower with sweet scent that varies in colors. It blooms everyday and lasts for a long time, making it a good decoration in ceremonies or as a garland. The tree of the flower can also be seen near monasteric areas and is very common throughout the country of Laos.

Photo by Zachi Evenor צחי אבנור under CC By 3.0 Unported License.
Botanical Name
Plumeria rubra
Common Names
Common Names
Kembang Kamboja
Common Names
Dok Champa
Common Names

Trivia: The attractive white flowers are scented and waxy.

Dok Champa represents sincerity and joy in life. Laotians generally consider all Plumeria species as their National Flower. In the 20th century (1942?) a song about Champa Flower was composed by Maha Phoumy Chittaphong and rhythm designed by Outtama Choulamany, the former vice minister of education and sports. The text of the song can be read by clicking here.

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Laos National Flower - Plumeria rubra
Article Name
Laos National Flower - Plumeria rubra
The official symbol and national flower of Laos is the "Plumeria rubra" or Dok Champa in Lao. It blooms everyday in various colors and has a sweet scent.

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