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I think it’s time to analyse the impact of this AEGIS advertisement.

Let’s look at it objectively and detached or should I say, from high above so we can see the bigger picture. Here’s my assessment.

This is definitely sending a ripple in the outsourcing industry and it’s something we should not dismiss just because {put your reasons here}. For example, typhoons and earthquakes. Many clients were transferring to a Cebu site for the past few years, not only because labor is cheaper there but also because they rarely get hit by earthquake and typhoons.

What happened? They were hit by a strong earthquake then a super typhoon. Operations in outsourcing companies were no doubt mostly halted or transferred back here in Imperial Manila.

But look at what our government have been telling us lately, a very strong earthquake is long overdue here in the capital region. Secondly, we have serious flood problems the likes of which we haven’t seen before, like the Ondoy flood.

Forget about politics, infrastructure, and laws. Just those two, we really are at a disadvantage. If you think existing clients and potential clients, including these global BPO companies will just dismiss this advertisement, you’re not thinking with your brain rather you’re feeling with your heart.

Let’s face the truth. Most, if not all, were or are true. If you are the client, wouldn’t you want to have a higher guarantee of business operations? Wasn’t it one of the major reason why you opted to outsource on the other side of the globe (despite knowing they’ll be working their arses off and risk their health)?

If so, wouldn’t you flock wherever has more potential? And the domino effect begins. Other outsourcing companies will follow suit if they ever want to get new clients.

Oh, I know what you are saying, Filipinos are the best in English. True. But if you are not aware, the ASEAN Economic Integration will begin this 2015, then on 2020, and so on. One objective is to have a free flow of workers across member nations.

Sooner or later, they will be able to hire Filipinos without any problems. They get the advantages of the other nation and at the same time, the same talent pool that they had here. It’s not going to happen next year, but we are headed there.

And realize this, how many Filipinos are willing to work abroad, even migrate, in the name of “good life” for their families?

So, to my fellow Filipinos, and to our politicians, let’s take this advertisement of theirs as a challenge for us. Let’s show them that they made their biggest mistake.

It’s fine to be emotional and nationalistic, but you and I cannot deny that what they said have merits. Let’s prove otherwise by addressing their points, not by debates but by improving ourselves.

And stop sharing their video. You’re doing exactly what they want you to do… to share it and make it viral.

But pardon me, you won’t understand my points above if you do not watch it, so here:

* Image from dreamtime.com

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