The Fate of Ten by Pittacus Lore

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The 6th book of the Lorien Legacies series (for the movie goers, they know it as I Am Number Four series) entitled The Fate of Ten went on sale today, at least digitally, worldwide. I pre-ordered the book from Google Play Books and got it at the wee hours of September 1st, ACT.

It only took me 6 hours to read all the 416 pages of this installment, and here’s my short review. A fair warning, there are subtle spoilers in this review, especially if you know your lore.

The Fate of Ten, by the title itself, is about the fate of ten. From the last novel, The Revenge of Seven, we were left with questions as to the role of the 10th Garde, Ella, after she was captured by Setrákus Ra who turned out to be his great grandfather. There were also the war in Manhattan where John, Sam, Nine, and Five were, and the ancient Loric site in Mexico, where Six, Seven, and Adam talked to the Loric Entity.

But the book was written only from John’s and Six’s perspectives. They told us their stories, while Ella was mostly in the background, yet her presence can be felt everywhere. The novel was about her fate but she’s wasn’t the center of it. In that regard, I applaud Pittacus Lore for pulling it out. A very good move there, in my opinion, as it kept us from knowing the inner workings of the Mogadorian military — which would probably be boring.

This kind of setup allowed this latest installement to concentrate on the war. It showed us our typical government reactions to such a crisis. We learned how brave the Chinese were in defending their country (and humanity) — yet painted negatively by the US military. Then there were the Russians and the UK, and how, for some weird reason, continental Africa was largely ignored during the invasion (no doubt, Setrákus Ra was fooled as well into believing there’s nothing in Africa).

“Resistance is what happens after you lose a war, Sam.”

~ John Smith, a.k.a. Number Four

I hope, these type of light references to our real world will be picked up the younger generation. It is what makes a story bigger than being a simple “escape from reality” and “entertainment”. Lessons to learn if you will. What’s wrong in the system and what’s good with humanity, were put to the front but can be easily missed.

This is also the installment that I want to see in the big screen. It’s pure action. I was able to picture each scene the way Pittacus Lore might have witnessed it because of the descriptive yet short and not distracting way of telling the events that unfolded. This, yet again, is a big plus for me. Being able to immerse your reader and make them part of it. Not because the setting was here on Planet Earth but because of the talent of the author in pulling us in.

Eventually, all stories must come to an end. The Fate of Ten did not disappoint in completing the circle. I would say that this novel completed the whole saga of the Lorien Legacies that started in I Am Number Four. But, as you probably know already, a 7th book is set to be released next year, sometime August 2016.

You are correct. It’s the conclusion. Or should I say, the final showdown. Something happened in this book which will greatly affect the last sequel. It’s so huge that, it may spell the doom of the lorics and humans alike. Does it have something to do with The Fate of Ten? Well, that’s for you to find out.

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