My Resident Evil 5 movie Ideas


“We’re definitely going to make” Resident Evil 5, said Milla Jovovich according to NYmag. Resident Evil 4: Afterlife was the first in this franchise to ever open at No. 1 worldwide, and it definitely proved that the movie adaptation has gained more attention and fans.

I wrote a review of Afterlife here and I recommend that you watch this 3rd sequel. Afterlife is the beginning of the Umbrella-arc, “after” Alice took back control of her “life” (Movies 1 to 3 is the Alice arc).

So what’s next? They are asking us, the fans, for ideas!

Just post a shout out to Jovovich via her Twitter account to submit your ideas, and she will forward it to her husband and Resident Evil director, Director Paul W.S. Anderson.

Here’s mine:
If you did not leave immediately after seeing the credits, you should have seen the last scene wherein Jill (who first appeared in Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse) is leading an army of Umbrella Corp soldiers heading directly to the Arcadia ship. To do what? To eliminate Alice, Claire, and company.

This hanging ending and teaser opens up plenty of possibilities and twists for RE5 movie. First of all, this brings all three women together, so that is a big plus and will surely attract more moviegoers. Remember how the movies The Forbidden Kingdom and The Expendables attracted a lot of audience? The same could happen in RE5.

That aside, if Alice, Claire, and company fails to release Jill from the mind-control machine attached on her chest, she could very well become a good tool for the Umbrella Corp – whoever their new leader is. This should give Director Paul Anderson plenty of women action, which the crowd loves to see (other than scaring themselves with the zombies).

Having Alice, Claire, and Jill together in one team against the Umbrella Corp will only be cool if they will face another male character like Albert Wesker, which I believe he survived the explosion, he parachuted, if you saw that in the film. But it will be boring if the enemy will be Albert again, he should be reserved for RE6.

The setting. Since this is Planet Earth, it will be cool to see other places than North America, South America, Europe, and North-East Asia. It is time to bring the survivors and the war to other places on earth. How about using the largest mall in Asia – SM Mall of Asia as a setting for a wild zombie action? Check the place out.

How about the International Space Station? Is it still up there? Who’s controlling it? Anyone still living up there? How about Antarctica? How about Planet Mars? (Okay I’m just kidding on the Mars thing.)

Of course, release a 3D and IMAX-3D versions again. But some improvement in this aspect, add more suspense and zombie-ness in the movie. I’m talking something like a first-person view where those watching in 3D can feel that they are actually there being chased by all kinds of zombies.

I’m not asking for a first-person view of the type of Cloverfield (nausea-inducing style, too shaky, I hate it), something like the movie Doom, just a short length first-person action. Who’s view? Jill perhaps? Claire? Or Alice?

As to the story, well, surprise me. Just avoid in becoming a Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within type of story or to become another The Matrix. The Matrix-effects used during the fight with Albert in RE4:Afterlife was good but there is a danger of overusing that effect.

Bottomline for me, what matters is the story and the way the actors and the actresses acts and carry their characters. Be sure to get the RE4 team again, they’re perfect already. Then Jill was hinted already, so that adds a great deal more for RE5.

That’s all for now.

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