Myanmar National Flower – Pterocarpus indicus

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The National Flower of Myanmar – the Sang Dragon.

Botanical Name Pterocarpus indicus
(English) Common Names Burmese Rosewood
Sang Dragon
(Myanmar) Common Name Padauk or Padouk
(Filipino) Common Name Narra

The flower of this tree is the National Flower of Myanmar, they call Burmese Rosewood as “Padauk” or “Padouk”. For the people of Myanmar, the flower represents youth, love, and romance, while the tree itself symbolizes strength. Yellow flowers blooms during April with a fragrant scent, which is also when they celebrate their New Year. The tree is also used for furnitures, thus making this flower and its tree worthy of representing Myanmar – Strong, Youthful, Lovely, Romantic, not just for each other but for their country.

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