2015 #NBSGreatWarehouseSale

Today, I will go and storm the Nationabl BookStore Great Warehouse Sale where thousands of books can be bought for as low as ₱20.00. A budget of ₱1,000.00 should be enough right? But that is not enough to prepare us in a jam-packed event like this!

Here are my checklist if you want to storm this event.

  • Patience! As it will be very crowded, you definitely need this, especially if you are an aspie (Asperger Syndrome / Austism Spectrum) like me.
  • A list of books. Storming a warehouse without a sense of what you want to buy is like finding a needle in a haystack. Come to the event prepared as it will save you some time. More likely than not, most of the books doesn’t interest you.
  • A strong bag. Not to steal books but so you can carry all those books you will buy. The last thing that you want is for someone to mistake your pile of books as up for grabs, or you can no longer carry all the books to the cashier.
  • Eat and drink. You want to do this in one go, so eat and drink before you storm the place.
  • Be friendly and smile. Everybody is no doubt a bit on edge, with all the crowd and the thousands of books in the warehouse. A small smile can uplift people and make the experience memorable.

And those are my 5 checklist when visiting a major book sale event. So… see you later!

Timeless Books by Lin Kristensen, licensed CC By 2.0.

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