Re: Why don’t Christian writers license their work with Creative Commons?


I came across a blog post entitled “Why don’t Christian writers license their work with Creative Commons?” It is a valid question and many of us might have asked it before, in a different form like:

“If Christianity is about Jesus offer of Salvation, which is free, why are Christian works not free?”

Lee, the author of the blog, asked why would the author want me to pay to hear works of the author intended to inspire and impart knowledge, and I will add to that, a work intended to help win souls for Christ Jesus.

Quoting him further:

Now comes the hard decision. Will you as the author sacrifice your original intent to spread the word of your book to as many people as possible by having a barrier to (readership) entry of $14.95?

He presented Creative Commons Licensing as an alternative to “All Rights Reserved”, which is good and valid, so we’ll leave that for now.

So why do Christian authors charge for their works? These are what I can think of:

  • Publishing costs money – and many publishers asks how much can a new work generate
  • Resources were spent for these works
  • Those who work should get paid (which is Biblical)

At the end of the day, an author spent resources to get a particular work like a book to get finished. This can range from social activities (with the family especially) to money. Then getting this work published and marketed also requires money, and they’ll demand that they get paid for their services which is already beyond the author’s control.

He ended his post saying shouldn’t we be focusing on the message and not the monetary gain? In my view, it is not about the monetary gain rather it’s about getting all other people involved to be paid, and yes to get published.

It can also be for long-term fund-raising projects, for example, the Christian band I.D.0.4. sell their albums for ₱275.00 (U$5.73), a high percentage of the sales goes to our church’s Project G-CCOTE.

We should also consider the simple fact that Christian authors will be able to create more and even better products if they see good and acceptable, return of their investments.

God did not teach us to just give everything away and forget about being able to eat and live, especially if we have mouths to feed. Yes true, God said that He will provide, that we should not worry about tomorrow but let tomorrow worry for itself. But are we all of the same level of faith?

So yes, while we should be focusing more on the message, and reach as many people as we can and bring them the Good News, the Hope, the Salvation of Jesus Christ, we should also not forget that we need to live.

If our faith is of the level that we can fully and completely rely from up above, then by all means do so, for I believe that this is the ultimate goal of every Christian.

And there’s nothing wrong with Creative Commons, I push for it when given a chance. I’m also composing a Christian song that will be licensed under CCL.

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