Singapore – Vanda Miss Joaquim

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Trivia: Did you know… “Vanda Miss Joaquim” is a hybrid orchid between Vanda teres and Vanda hookeriana?

Photo by Calvin Teo under CC By-SA 3.0 Unported License.
Botanical Name
Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’
Common Names
Singapore orchid
Princess Aloha orchid

No other orchid is widely known in Singapore but the National Flower – Vanda Miss Joaquim, named after its breeder Miss Joaquim. It was chosen as the National Flower of Singapore in the 15th of April 1981 after choosing among 40 flowers. It represents Singapore’s uniqueness and hybrid culture. Vanda Miss Joaquim blooms the entire year and is a beautiful shaped orchid and color.

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Singapore - Vanda Miss Joaquim
Article Name
Singapore - Vanda Miss Joaquim
Vanda 'Miss Joaquim', Singapore's National Flower, is the only flower in ASEAN without a botanical name as it was an orchid artificially bred from two flower species. Truly representing Singapore's unique hybrid culture.

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