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The Son of Sobek was a short story by Rick Riordan where Percy Jackson and Carter Kane first met and interacted. Fans of Rick have been figuring out when this incident happened but to date, I have not seen any plausible theory.

Since I have a combined timeline already set, which I believe is accurate, we can use that to pinpoint the date or range of months this short story occured. Here are my arguments…

Rick Riordan said in an interview that he left the timeline of this short story vague. However, we can pinpoint a range of months when this encounter happened. Here are my points.

  • Percy was already 17 years old, according to Carter. So this place the event of the short story sometime after Percy’s 17th birthday on August 18, 2010.
  • An encounter Carter and Sadie had with Sobek and his crocodiles was mentioned to have been “the winter before last”. The Red Pyramid where this encounter was told, was on December of 2008, fitting “the winter before last” perfectly.
  • Carter told us in this short story that “two winters ago” his “uncle Amos explained the truth about the Kane family heritage”. Again, it was during the events of The Red Pyramid on December 2008, fitting perfectly with Carter’s “two winters ago”.
  • Our protagonist mentioned that he “remembered one time at Brooklyn House, maybe a year back, when” he “was certain that” he “saw a winged horse flying over the Manhattan skyline.” Carter mentioned the same thing when he told us the events of The Throne of Fire, however, I personally believe that this was a different event. Possibly, Carter saw the Pegasus flying during the events of The Last Olympian when the Titan lord Kronos was attacking Manhattan.

Some conflicts…

First, when Carter described Percy, he said, and I quote:

He looked a little older than me – maybe seventeen – with tousled black hair and sea-green eyes.

If our dating was accurate of the earlier books, then Carter doesn’t have a good sense of people’s age, being an Egyptian magi that also shared a body with Horus, he probably is like the Greek and Roman demigods.

Or, it is possible that Percy Jackson, after his Tartarus adventure (The Heroes of Olympus), he turned more mature and probably his body aged a bit faster – after all, it is Tartarus who wouldn’t go insane down there, and time probably time flows differently too! So, Carter mistook him as being older than him. I said that because Percy can not be older than him. In fact, Carter is older than Percy by two months.

  • Carter was already 15 years old during the events of The Serpent’s Shadow, which was on September 2008.
  • Carter’s birthday is sometime June.
  • Percy’s 16th birthday was on August 18, 2009. Which makes Percy 15 years of age only on August 18, 2008.

No doubt, Carter and Percy are of the same age. In fairness to Carter, he did say “maybe seventeen”.

Second, during the events of The Last Olympian, Brooklyn was mentioned a lot of times, here are some of them:

  • (Raciel) She has the top floor of her family’s mansion, which is a renovated brownstone in Brooklyn.
  • We drove them back toward the Brooklyn side of the bridge.
  • The Titan lord studied the problem. He looked behind him at the rising sun, then smiled across the chasm. He raised his scythe in a mock salute. “Until this evening, Jackson.” He mounted his horse, whirled around, and galloped back to Brooklyn, followed by his warriors.

Did you see where I am getting at? The Titan lord Kronos himself was positioned on the Brooklyn side of the bridge. Also, it was explained in the book that Kronos slowed time outside of Manhattan.

Annabeth frowned. “I don’t think so, but it’s strange. As far as I can tell from these pictures, Manhattan is totally asleep. Then there’s like a fifty-mile radius around the island where time is running really, really slow. The closer you get to Manhattan, the slowerit is.”

If Carter was at the Brooklyn House at the time of events in the The Last Olympian then no wonder he was looking in the direction of Manhattan, he was actually seeing and sensing things in that direction.

But why can’t Carter see it all? For reasons still not explained by Rick Riordan, we can only guess: they are of different pantheon. In the world of the Greek/Roman Pantheon, it was explained how their gods bent all their and power to guarantee that Greek-aspect born and Roman-aspect born demigods do not meet eat other, not even be aware, or recognize they’re of different Greek/Roman aspect descent.

For example, in The Sea of Monsters, Percy and Annabeth met Reyna and Hylla. Later in The Son of Neptune, it was revealed that the sisters Reyna and Hylla were of Roman-aspect descent, not Greek. Because of the power the gods did to separate them, they sensed nothing of each other.

The same could be said with the different pantheons on the world of, what I call, “Riordan Modern Mythology”. It fits why their demigods and magicians, though they have met (in the case of Carter, Sadie, Drew, and Lacy), they did not recognize each other for who they really were. Until Carter and Percy crossed paths. The same mysterious power could also explain why Carter can not see Percy’s sword completely or even read the words “Half-Blood” on Percy’s orange shirt.

On the other hand, some of the gods from the two pantheons are aware of each other and have even met. It would appear that only their tools were affected by the mysterious power separating them from each other. Or, there was a rift between the Egyptian and Greek/Roman gods.

There was also the BAG dance party in The Serpent’s Shadow. Drew and Lacy were affected by the power of the Egyptian wind god, Shu. Then again, Carter fell asleep too. Also important to mention, the daughters of Aphrodite did not sense the magic flowing from Carter and Sadie, or the gods they’re linked to, and vice versa. Sadie actually thought Drew was a pampered rich kid when in reality, it comes for being a child of the Greek/Roman goddess of beauty.

Whatever is the case, all we can do is wait for Rick to write the books. Don’t forget, the Norse mythology is equally exciting (and my personal favourite).


So anyway, I think The Son of Sobek happened months after The Heroes of Olympus series because Percy was “maybe seventeen”, in Carter’s own words. He also “looks older” from his perspective, probably because of Percy’s experience in the pits of Tartarus. It couldn’t happen in December 2010 either, because that was winter already, and this short story did not mention snow anywhere.

That gives us between August 18, 2010 to maybe November. I am not from the US so I do not know when in November winter officially begins, but you get the idea.

Yes, at the end of The Serpent’s Shadow it was mentioned that they “even got reports of unexplainable magic as close as Long Island. Probably have to check it out.” But with the information I pointed above, The Son of Sobek can not be that “have to check it out.”

Either they did check out the unexplainable magic and found nothing; or found a different pantheon; or found a rogue magician. Or they forgot to check it at all.

But I think, something or someone was causing the mysterious barrier separating the worlds of the different pantheons to thin-out or collapse. They were not supposed to sense each other if the barrier was working in full power.

That’s a quest worth taking.

Story date: A day between 2010 August 18th and November.

Read the Combined Timeline.

Latest update here: Rick Riordan Mythology Timeline

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3 thoughts on “The Son of Sobek Timeline”

  1. I noticed that you listed The Red Pyramid as having taken place in December of 2007 on your combined timeline. Your placement of the Kane Chronicles wouldn’t fit the Son of Sobek’s “winter before last” references. You’d need to move them all up a year (as in put Red Pyramid and Throne of Fire between The Battle of the Labryinth and The Last Olympian with Serpent’s Shadow after The Last Olympian). This would also fix Carter’s statement about Percy being older than he is since Carter would only be 16 at that point. But personally, long explanations aside, I would put the Kane Chronicles in a contempsry lineup with the Heroes of Olympus books (Lost Hero, Red Pyramid, Throne of Fire, Son of Neptune, The Mark of Athena, House of Hades, Blood of Olympus, Serpent’s Shadow) and put The Son of Sobek as taking place the following summer. That would give more room for the summer time references in the Son of Sobek and leaves room for the Singer of Apollo to be before Son of Sobek but also in that following summer.

    1. Actually, as far as The Son of Sobek is concerned, there are possible miscalculations in this short story. For one, “the winter before last” will really not fit to The Kane Chronicles.

      For example, in The Throne of Fire, it was clearly stated that Sadie’s birthday fell on a Monday. If she was born on March 17, then the only logical year is 2008. Because of this, we can safely set The Throne of Fire in March 2008, which also perfectly fits with the astronomical cycles related to The Kane Chronicles.

      From there, we can safely pinpoint when The Red Pyramid occurred, December of 2007; and The Serpent’s Shadow on September 2008.

      Then when we arrived at The Son of Sobek, we were told that Percy is “maybe seventeen”. If so, Percy’s 17th birthday was on August 18, 2010. Then The Son of Sobek happened after that date and before the winter of 2010.

      Which brings us into conflict with the statement that The Red Pyramid was “the winter before last”. If Percy is “maybe seventeen” and so putting this incident sometime 2010, then “the winter before last” is 2008 for The Red Pyramid.

      And that cannot be, because Sadie’s birthday falls on a Tuesday if she celebrated it on March 17, 2009. Since novels have more weight than short stories, we cannot and shouldn’t move the dating of TKC.

      It is safe to assume then that The Son of Sobek had miscalculations. Not on Rick’s part, but on the storyteller, which was Carter. In Carter’s defense, as I mentioned above, he did say “maybe”, in other words, he wasn’t sure.

      Either we assume that Percy looked like a 17-year old teenager but was not really 17, which will put The Son of Sobek in 2009, and the statement “the winter before last” fits. Or we assume that the storyteller — Carter, got his time reference wrong — which would mean that Egyptian magicians also have time reckoning issues as much as the Roman/Greek kids.

      I haven’t read The Staff of Serapis nor Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo. I will update this article (Son of Sobek) as soon as I’ve read the other two short stories.

      And I apologize for haven’t posted my explanation of The Kane Chronicles yet. I got busy with work, a lot of projects came up — not to mention, it was only recently that I got time to move this blog to a new host.

      I can only hope that there are more clarifications in these two shorts so we can correctly place The Son of Sobek.

      Here’s how I did the dating, important thing is, collecting and finding the constants:
      1) Astronomical cycles — which is consistent — example, equinoxes.
      2) Days and/or Dates mentioned should match the astronomical cycles used — for example, Sadie’s March 17 birthday falling ofn a Monday.
      3) Find the correct year based on the information in #1 and #2 above

      For short-stories, since the clues here are scarce and usually vague:
      4) Cross-reference with the Novels (novels have more weight than shorts)
      5) Available clues mentioned

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