Star Trek Kelvin Timeline Revealed

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The sheer destruction from the Hobus supernova has weakened the barrier between our reality and one strangely similar to our own, leaving a strange temporal anomaly in its wake. This anomaly serves as a gateway between our universe… and a quantum universe both similar and different to our own. Interdimensional travel between these two realms is now a possibility… as the crew of the U.S.S. Kelvin found out to their dismay…

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios, the publisher and developer behind the highly successful licensed material Star Trek Online were the first to reveal to the public that the “Alternate Reality” or “Abramsverse” timeline is now officially known as the Kelvin Timeline.

This of course is a big news for anyone who is aware how CBS jealously protects the canon Star Trek materials from changes made by licensed materials like STO. Their rule is simple and holy, all licensed materials can not contradict the canon Star Trek. Surely, naming this “Alternate Timeline” falls under this setup. Thus we know immediately that it is an official name sanctioned by CBS.

What does it mean for the Star Trek franchise?

A lot. Here are some that I can think of:

  • Star Trek Online having been allowed to have constant access to the Kelvin Timeline means the Litverse/Novelverse will have the same liberty.
  • The upcoming Star Trek TV series this 2017 can still be set in the Kelvin Timeline and not the Prime Timeline
  • CBS will keep the Kelvin Timeline alive but will have a tighter control over it. As of today, STO is the only licensed material that has access to the Kelvin Timeline. No novels not even short stories, were ever written in this timeline [on its own].
  • The film series will continue and always set in the Kelvin Timeline.
  • If STO’s plot will become canon, then the two timelines (Prime Timeline and Kelvin Timeline) will have more interactions and might affect each other.

Will this be good for Star Trek? It is hard to tell at this point until CBS officially declares that plot they approved for Star Trek Online is canon as well. Imagine these two realities have constant access and communication with each other.

Spock, the legendary Starfleet officer, scientist and diplomat, accepted a mission to make a daring attempt to save the dying star, Hobus. His mission was not successful, however, and the effects of the Hobus supernova have echoed though time and space. This series of events is now referred to as the “Kelvin Incident” by temporal agents and multi-spatial researchers.

While most are content to allow alternate realities to be, others have looked on them as unique opportunities to exploit, the consequences to the natives be damned.

Star Trek Kelvin Timeline Revealed
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Star Trek Kelvin Timeline Revealed
What does it mean to have the official name "Kelvin Timeline" for Abramsverse? What's in store for the Star Trek franchise as a whole? Here are my thoughts…

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