Super Blue Blood Moon: Legends, Myths, and Beyond

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The Super Blue Blood Moon that will occur tonight is the topic of conversations for the past two weeks. It ranges from the scientific to fringe science to religious and to beyond.

In this post, we are going to talk about the legends, myths, and anything revolving about the super moon, blue moon, and blood moon astronomical events.

These three events have different myths and legends surrounding it. Some appears to be logical–those that makes one to go “hmm” and “ahh”; while some are simply beyond any sensible reason. What are mentioned here could be true or simply a figment of people’s imagination. It could also be a simple coincidence, or something that has a grain of truth in it but no serious study was ever done (yet).

It is up to the reader to know which of these they want to believe or accept as facts. These are only those that are either common or caught my interest.

Super Moon: Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions

There are some that associates a super moon with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The hyphothesis goes that if the Moon is at its closest distance to Earth, then the effects of its gravitational pull not only affects tides (high tide, not Tide pods) but also the magma under the Earth and the shifting plates, causing volcanic eruptions and earthquakes respectively. There is no proven association with the super moon when volcanoes erupt and earthquakes hit. The gravity of the Moon is weak for it to have any effect on magma–that is underneath the Earth; and for tectonic plates to shift.

Maybe there is indeed a connection. But it is currently not possible to know because no one wants to spend time to prove or disprove this. If there is indeed a connection, then this could very well be the missing piece in predicting the next major earthquake or violent volcanic eruption. Or, there is nothing and it will only be a waste of time and money.

January 31st

The claim goes that this is a rare occurence, when a Total Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse occurs the day before February. It means that the month of February will be dark. If you saw headlines like February will be in Darkness or 28 Days of Darkness, it should be it (I’m not going to link to those). Although I like the latter, 28 Days of Darkness, it could be a spin-off of the 2002 film 28 Days Later, instead of dumb zombies, we get intelligent vampires!

Blood Moon: Red Thread of Fate

The red thread of fate or red string of fate is an East Asian myth where gods make marriages last forever, or in other words a match made in heaven. This godly intervention supposedly only happens during a blood moon because the red thread/string must come from the power of the red moon. In Japanese and Korean mythology, the string is tied around the pinky fingers of two people, while in Chinese, it is tied around their ankles.

Familiar? For Filipinos, it is no doubt familiar. In modern times, the Chinese myth has turned into anklets. When you see a woman or a man wearing one, it means they are tied to someone already. Before the popularity of anklets, these were done on pinky fingers. Yes, these modern practices came from the mythology of the red thread of fate.

Is it possible? Who knows? In the Western culture, this belief is likened into the concept of soulmates. Many people believes in soulmate but will easily dismiss the red string of fate, what if these are the same, interpreted differently from two different cultures?

Super Moon / Full Moon: Headaches

There is also another claim that a super moon, and any full moon for that matter, cause headaches to some people. There were stories from hospitals that everytime there is a full moon or super moon, there is also an increase in patients reporting headaches of some sort, with some injuries too. The most popular explanation is that the gravity of Moon affects some individuals on an energy or spiritual level which is then translated into the physical realm or body.

It is an interesting observation but lacks data to even give it a little bit of support. Even if hospitals do share their data, where do we draw a line that there simply were an increase in accidents, incidents, and sad to say, stupidity, in a particular day versus an effect from a full moon? This of course does not stop people from believing it.

Blue Moon: Lunacy

There is a myth that during a blue moon, unlucky people goes lunatic. Yes, Luna, lunacy, lunatic. This myth is similar to the emergency hospital stories that occurs on a blood moon–or any full moon. But just like the other one, where do we draw the line between a possible effect of a blue moon versus regular days? If there is indeed a connection, we will never know, because in any other day, people go to emergency rooms for the exact same reason during a blue moon, a blood moon, or full moon.

But hey, we can blame the Moon for lunacy and lunatics once-in-a-blue-moon!

Blood Moon: Transfer of Pure Werewolf Blood

In fiction, only during a blood moon can a pure werewolf blood be transfered to another. If a werewolf bites another human without a blood moon overhead, the human only partially gets a werewolf blood. Having a pure werewolf blood means authority and the status of being chosen. It also means great power as one would have full access to all the werewolf abilities.

Blood Moon: Vampire Night

Another story that supposed to happen during a blood moon is that this is the big night of vampires. It goes that vampires who drink the blood of the moon on this night increases their power, renews their immortality, and heals them. Where they get the blood of the moon, I have no idea, and even if I do know, why would I tell you, a mere mortal? As with the werewolves, the same story goes for the vampires, any human bitten during a blood moon by a pure blood will be a pure blood vampire as well.

Blood Moon: A Hungry Dragon

During the dark ages (not the Dark Ages), people believed that when the Moon is red, there is an elder dragon that was eating it, hence its colour. After the dragon’s dinner, the dragon sleeps again to let the Moon renew itself.

Incans had a similar belief, but instead of dragons, its jaguars. Personally, I’d accept dragons because I don’t understand how a jaguar can reach the moon and attack eat, I mean, it. Incans will beat their dogs to force them to howl and they also bring out their spears and shake it at the Moon. Supposedly it was to scare the jaguar away from the Incan Empire, but I think them shaking their spears pierced the Moon and it bled.

Blood Moon: Wars!

Ancient people also believed that when the Moon is red, there is either a war going on, or is about to happen. The blood moon signifies the spilling of human blood, and it warns people to leave their homes or prepare for invasion. Some goes as far as claiming the invasion comes from hell, or some fantastical creatures who loves to eat humans or take them as slaves.

Blood Moon: Death of a king

This one was from ancient Mesopotamia. People of this once great empire were known to be great astromers and mathematicians, though their government and religion are tied deeply into their science, these are inseparable. Their king represents the empire, and the moon represents their king. Thus on a total lunar eclipse–which causes the blood moon–they bring out a substitute king to be the unlucky to get killed, if someone does attempt to.

This substitute king, if he survives, he’s the luckiest because at least for a day, he became a king and enjoyed everything their king enjoys, except making laws and decisions. Or, his bad luck doesn’t run out, the real king kills him afterwards.

End of the World

The never ending end of the world. How many end of the world have we heard? I lost count. I personally do not buy on setting dates. But as with anything related to astronomical events, there are always people setting dates (and time) as to when the end of the world will happen–or begin. This amazing combination is yet another end of the world date setting.

What Ifs/What Else

This section is about the silly stuff I can think of revolving about these three events–super moon, blue moon, and blood moon–occurring on the same night. For fun only or for authors to reuse under CC By-SA 4.0 International License.

Abilities Unlocked

Building on the TV series Heroes, possibly the real deal would happen tonight (not during a Total Solar Eclipse). Some humans will acquire or unlock abilities no other human has today. An ability to fly, shapeshift, turn invisible, incredible strength, and even to teleport. The combination of the super moon, blue moon, and blood moon could probably be the missing key, or the trigger point which will wake up those dormant genes or latent abilities inside some of us.

Alien Reveal

Could aliens hiding on the dark side of the Moon reveal themselves on this rare event? Why now? What’s so significant that they chose this rare event to reveal themselves? And if they do, how would we know they are indeed aliens? I think we should check their blood, it should be blue.

Portals Opening

This rare event could also mean that a portal to a parallel world opens. The only catch, we do not have the technology to detect where it will open tonight. Maybe the Large Hadron Collider (“LHC”) will be able to open a portal to another dimension if they time it perfectly.

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Super Blue Blood Moon: Legends, Myths, and Beyond
Article Name
Super Blue Blood Moon: Legends, Myths, and Beyond
There are many legends, myths, stories, surrounding a supermoon, a blue moon, and a blood moon. Here are some of the common ones we encountered in life.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Super Blue Blood Moon: Legends, Myths, and Beyond by ᜌᜓᜃᜒ (Yuki|雪亮) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at Legal Notice.

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