Thailand – Cassia fistula

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Ratchaphruek is the chosen National Flower of Thailand because it is the color of Monday when the King of Thailand was born. It is also seen anywhere in Thailand, and with a shining yellow showing great importance.

Photo by Suniltg under CC By-SA 3.0 Unported License.
Botanical Name
Cassia fistula
Common Names
Golden Raintree
Golden Shower
Common Names

… tree bears beautiful yellow cluster-shaped flowers. The Thai people regard its yellow hue as the colour of Buddhism and the colour of glory. Ratchaphruek blooms annually from February to May and symbolises the unity and harmony of the Thai people. While the flowers are blossoming, the tree sheds its leaves, leaving only bright yellow flowers hanging on its branches. The Ratchaphruek is widely known in Thailand and is grown in abundance along the roadsides.

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Thailand - Cassia fistula
Article Name
Thailand - Cassia fistula
"Cassia fistula" or Ratchaphruek is the national flower of Thailand. Representing the day when the King of Thailand was born.

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