The Dark Knight Rises Was Very Moving

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Where do I begin? I have so many things to say about Director Christopher Nolan’s last Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises that I don’t know how or where to start. He did a great job with the third of his Batman trilogy, of how he envision the world of the Bruce Wayne.

It is the best Batman movie of the trilogy and any other Batman movies before it. But saying that is an understatement for it achieved something movies rarely reaches – moving the audience very strongly, especially those that are not easy to touch emotionally and logically, like me.

Let me warn you now… SPOILER ALERT!!

Instead of telling you the quality of the movie, from the sounds to the acting, I think it’s more fitting to share why The Dark Knight Rises moved me. Why someone like me that is not easily moved was touched by this movie. The answer was simple: it showed us what is currently happening in our world, what we secretly desire in the deepest recesses of our souls, and what would happen if we make those wishes come true.

Bane, played by Tom Hardy (Star Trek: Nemesis; This Means War; Inception), is the main antagonist in this final sequel to Director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. He was the physical manifestation of our hidden desire. The desire to live peacefully and equally by (first) removing the corrupt government officials, and (second) the corporations, the rich, the elite, the “Class A” and above. In other words, those at the top.

He did what you and I are afraid to do, no not afraid, it’s more fitting to say “not have courage” to do. He fought the system, overturned it, and gave back the power, the freedom that we so love dearly, back to the people. Though he did it forcefully and by taking the city hostage (by setting up a neutron bomb)… let’s admit that our secret wishes are not far from what Bane did.

I almost stood and shout “Let’s rise up and stop the corruption and oppression of our government and the corporations!” That was how strong Bane and his beliefs were. I could feel the urge, he touched that suppressed fire within me that has been crying for fairness in the government, in the society, and in the corporations.

After that part of the movie, Bruce Wayne was finally presented. Everyone around him was encouraging him to leave Gotham City, that he doesn’t owe the people of Gotham, that they don’t need Batman. Yet, Bruce loves his city. Despite the danger, despite the pain in the truth his friends told him, he went on and fought for what he believe is right.

He saved the city and removed the bane. His strong values being loyalty to the system regardless if there are corrupt officials in the position. That hope lies with the people. That it is us, the people, who have the choice to shape society and the government. The people may not need Batman but the city needs him.

We were presented two choices. Are we going to let loose the bane and risk living in chaos and anarchy, as was happened in Gotham City after Bane took over? Or are we going to choose Bruce Wayne’s path and live in a society with order and processes in place?

That bane wish inside of me subsided after the movie showed this very fact: the fact that order is needed regardless. It is better to live that way and vote during elections, than live in a world where, as Bane put it “you are free to do anything you want”. The system is there for a reason. It’s just that, we keep on voting for the (same) people who abuses the system.

There was also the truth that Commissioner Gordon said to Robin, that he chose to not tell the truth about Batman and Harvy because of The Harvey Dent Act. If he had chosen to expose the truth, The Harvey Dent Act would never have been implemented and organized crime wouldn’t be put to a stop. There are (government) officials who are in a position similar to Commissioner Jim Gordon, they have to make the hardest decision lest progress and lives be put at stake.

That does make Jim Gordon guilty as Bane painted him to be? Does it sound familiar with today’s politics? Are the actions of Bane justifiable? Or is Batman crazy and dumb for defending the system that is only (ab)used by corrupt officials and corporations with self-interests?

These are the questions that the movie presented which we can perfectly relate with today’s events. Not just here in the Philippines but all over the world. Are you going to condemn Jim Gordon? The police? Are you going to be bane or the bat?

It’s up to you my dear readers and fellow countrymen. You have the choice. It is your freedom to choose which path you think is best. But regardless which path you will take, both comes with huge sacrifices, we all have to give before we can receive. Gordon learned that. Bane showed us his way. Bruce stood up and fought for his way.

I give the movie 16 out of 10 stars. Yes, that’s how good it was. Don’t miss it, watch in the big screen.

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