The Greatest Showman in 7 Different Genres

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Everybody knows that the film The Greatest Showman was and is still the greatest show, and to further solidify that, here is a collection of trailers of the show in seven (7) different genres, from thriller to drama.

The video was created by Editing is Everything.  It shows how editing can change the whole dynamic and story of a video. The way the scenes were arranged, the use of background music, the play on the dialogues, and even the length… of the trailer at least in this case.

Here’s the video…

The drama trailer was the perfect one for me because it truly captured the message of The Greatest Showman.

Years ago… One moment… Changed history forever.

A story of Hope. Courage. And Equality.

The Greatest

How about you? Which trailer did you like of the seven?

The Greatest Showman in 7 Different Genres
Article Name
The Greatest Showman in 7 Different Genres
Can you imagine The Greatest Showman as a thriller, horror, fantasy, or drama movie? Here are trailers for 7 genres!

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