(Video) KFC Philippines, a Foreign Brand with a Filipino Heart

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This is a video made by KFC Philippines where they went the extra mile to deliver their tasty KFC chicken to a 69-year old mother who never had a birthday since she was 8. In this video, KFC Philippines also gave away free chicken meals to all the senior citizens and PWD in the flooded town.

A very touching short video which shows how fast food chains can help their local communities. KFC Philippines has shown here that they are not just about business, they also have a huge heart for the Filipino people. A foreign brand with a Filipino heart.

Good job, KFC Philippines! We hope more corporations in the food industry will follow your lead. Keep doing it, even monthly, because there is just too many people in our country who needs to be shown hope and receive happiness without them asking for it.

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    KFC Amphibious Delivery
    KFC Amphibious Delivery

    So why did the chicken cross the flood? Artex Compound in Malabon is known as the "Venice of the Philippines" because floodwaters have not receded in decades. A lifelong resident, Nanay Cora, has not celebrated her birthday in over 60 years and can only stay at home because it is quite difficult and costly to leave the compound. While she manages to go through her day-to-day life with a smile, we at KFC think she deserves much more on her special day. Watch how we brought KFC to a place where no fried chicken has gone before!

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