World Bloggers Day 2012

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Initiated by Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.

An event that rocked the blogosphere in 2010, the propagation of this year’s World Bloggers’ Day is truly widespread. From Cebu and to its local blogosphere, the core of the organizing committee reached out to other parts of the world where bloggers dwell, live, and blog.

World Bloggers’ Day 2012 brings the bloggers from different continents to join, interact, and simultaneously bring noise to the world about blogging.

Events can be online or offline. They may be meet-ups of new and old bloggers or blogging seminars or webinar, perhaps. A World Bloggers’ Day can be done in an auditorium or in a mall or just in a closed room in which your interaction with other bloggers can be done virtually. There are many things you can think of on how to celebrate World Bloggers’ Day. Think big and global and bring those actions local.

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