Yuki’s 2016 Top Spotify Statistics

I have been a subscriber of Spotify for two years now and I have always wondered what my listening statistics are based on their trackers (they do track our listening habits). I am happy to say that this year, 2016, they send a personalised stats and playlist.

Here is my Spotify 2016 in numbers:

  • 4,174 total listening minutes
  • From 234 total number of artists
  • From 272 unique tracks played

My Top Spotify Tracks

My Top Artists According to Spotify

My 2016 Genres

  • Mellow Gold
  • Soft Rock
  • New Wave Pop
  • Rock
  • Dance Rock

Favourite Days to Listen

  • Saturday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday

Last but not the least, the 2016 playlist Spotify (auto)-generated for me.

    Yuki's 2016 Top Spotify Statistics
    Article Name
    Yuki's 2016 Top Spotify Statistics
    Spotify recently sent out to their subscribers their 2016 Top Spotify stats. From Top Genres to Favourite Day to Listen.

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